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They Coulda’ Been Great – January 2014


Our January bits and bobs via Facebook… (What is this? All answers are HERE.) January 1 2:55 p.m. A few days ago I expressed surprise at how violated my husband felt by my decision to purchase cheap toilet paper. Well. I am currently sitting at an auto repair shop where the very unremarkable bathroom off…

Boughs of Folly


  The holidays are all about extremes. Peace on earth! Goodwill to men! Black Friday mobs! Road Rage over hour-long back ups! But that’s life, right? Every high is balanced by a low. And over the holidays, I combine the two like that last cocktail you didn’t really need…shaken or stirred…mixed or mingled…blended or beaten…

They Coulda’ Been Great: October 2013


October highlights via Facebook… (What is this? All answers are HERE.) October 1 5:52 p.m. Aaaaaand third verse, same as the first (or second, since it’s Mr. Robinson again). George wrote ANOTHER apology letter tonight: “Der Mistr Ropsin, I em sore fr beying rood ad idrubing [and interrupting]. I em going to be god [good]….

They Coulda’ Been Great: September 2013


A little look back at September via Facebook… (What is this? All answers are HERE.) September 2 1:12 p.m. George: Dad, why is juggling free? Chris: What? George: Why is juggling free? Chris: Juggling is what? George: FREE! Why is juggling FREE? Chris: I have no idea what you are talking about. George: Why is…

They Coulda’ Been Great: July 2013


  Another month has passed and exactly 0 blog posts have been written. Some good Facebook activity of course! So here are the “coulda’ been’s” (no idea what I’m talking about? Explanation HERE.) July 1 3:30 p.m. Earlier at the pediatrician, Eleanor suggested that doctors look in your ears so they could see your brain….

Turn Signals


  *I read this at DC’s Listen to Your Mother Show, Sunday, April 28. Thought I’d post it here for friends and family who couldn’t come. Since I wrote it for the performance, it may not translate as well on the (virtual) page…but the videos will be online later this summer! My mother once told…

They Coulda’ Been Great: 2012


  8/21/13 I know… A “They Coulda’ Been Great” post for ALL of 2012. AllOFIT. Oh – there’s not that much of it – I was a sporadic poster that year. I’ve had so much fun looking back at the silliness evidenced in my 2013 Facebook status updates, that I decided to stroll down memory…

Horse Hell


You know those girls who are obsessed with horses when they’re young? They pretend jump ropes are reigns and run around the playground neighing and whinnying with their other horse-crazed friends? They inhale books on horses and collect plastic replicas to display on shelves? I was NEVER one of those girls. I never took a…

The Myth of a Perfect Holiday Season


My mother tells a story about how she once spent the night before Christmas assembling 100 tiny plastic escalator steps in Barbie’s shopping mall. Her parents were both in the hospital and she didn’t actually start shopping for presents until Christmas Eve. She says there was nothing left in the stores—she had to buy the…

The Perks of Imperfect Parenting


If anyone asked me whether I thought I was a good parent, I’d say yes – for all of my faults, I am a very good parent. And I’d think (hope) that others would say the same about themselves. It’s not an easy job, raising children. There isn’t an employee handbook…there are hundredsof them. All…

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