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The (Real) Return of Wishing True!

I know… You probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

A few years ago, I started a blog called Wishing True where I posted “pretty things.” Last spring, I lost momentum and took a break from it…then decided to add it as a page to The Big Piece of Cake. THEN I attempted to start posting again at the end of 2011. Then the holidays happened. Then Listen to Your Mother… But I think I’m finally ready to put it back in the weekly rotation.

Every day I see something that I want (and usually cannot have). Don’t you? Mine are generally of the bright shiny object variety, and you can find my “finds” on Wishing True. Here is what’s on offer today:

You’ll have to visit me there, to see full details on the shops/artists.

While I’m still working out how often I’ll be posting at Wishing True, I’m committing to a “Wish List” every Monday (I know – a weekly FEATURE no less! Crazy…) Help me stay strong – oh the structure…I already feel the walls closing in…

And feel free to send me links to some of your own wish list items. I’d love to see them!

Happy Valentines Day!

Repeat from Wishing True today… But I just love it so much I don’t want anyone to miss it!

I found this adorable download on Inside a Black Apple years ago, and I always meant to feature it on Valentines day (first here, on The Big Piece of Cake and then on Wishing True) – but somehow it never happened.

The little blondie reminds me of my Eleanor.

Big sloppy virtual V-Day kisses to you and your own loves!

Polarn O. Pyret: A Giveaway and Some Boring Home Movies of My Kids

I had to move this over from my other blog, The Big Piece of Cake. I’m not always the best at reading the fine print, and apparently giveaways above a certain price point are a no no for my BlogHer ads contract.

So until I can figure out some kind solution for this (another site for giveaways maybe?), Wishing True will be hosting this one. Have you entered yet? You can do so on the original post or here in comments.

From The Big Piece of Cake, Tuesday, August 18:

Polarn O. Pyret: A Giveaway and Some Boring Home Movies of My Kids

Well – I don’t think they’re boring. But I didn’t want to build them up too much. Professional filmmaker, I’m not.

The reason that I’m even including the footage is that it displays examples of the product that I’m giving away this month.

A while ago, my friend Linda (of Baby Bunching fame), agreed to let me do a giveaway for one of her P.R. clients, Polarn O. Pyret.

Polarn O. Pyret is a children’s wear brand from Sweden. The clothes are very simple and stylish and have a retro look to them. They’re also often unisex, which is great for hand me downs to siblings and family friends.

While I initially asked about a giveaway, Linda suggested that I do a product review as well.

Long product reviews are boring – so I’ll be brief. The shirts that she sent me were super cute and comfortable (as far as I could tell I mean…I assume they were since the kids weren’t screaming and trying to rip them off – don’t laugh, it’s happened).

They were also roomy, which was nice since European clothes in ladies’ sizes tend to lean in the opposite direction. There’s nothing more annoying than ordering clothes for your kids and then finding that they may last a month before landing in the donate pile.

Finally, they wear really well, even after multiple washings. I can attest to this since I had George and Eleanor in those shirts every other day in hopes of getting just ONE good picture for my review. Unfortunately – this proved to be impossible, but I did find that you can wash them 10 times in one week and they’ll still look brand new!

You can visit the website to see the full style catalog, but here is what I’ll be giving away: an outfit to include a shirt, pants and socks in one of three styles, rabbit, sheep or duck (for sizes 2 through 6)

Here are pictures of the rabbit style:

In lieu of photo shoot I had planned, in which my children would model the clothing, here are some impromptu home movies featuring poor lighting, sea sickness-inducing angles and lame voice overs (Eleanor is modeling the rabbit and George is modeling the sheep):


I know…Eleanor’s hair… I’m lucky if she lets me brush it, let alone use a barrette. And while it wasn’t clear in what I said (what am I drunk?), Oliver is NOT wearing a Polarn O. Pyret shirt. The one that was sent for him didn’t fit. He’s rather…husky. So he’s wearing one of his own Target t-shirts.

Here’s my second try:

Go ahead – play in the street. Just let me get a good shot of that damn shirt!

Our next stop was Best Buy and I HAD to include these clips since they are so indicative of what it’s like to take all three of my kids anywhere. Eleanor is not in the frame because she’s behind me screaming about how the music is too loud. I guess she’ll never be a groupie. I’m devastated.

Once the gymnastics start – it’s time to leave.

Finally, I felt I really must include something on Oliver in his shirt. Not only was it a tad…snug, it featured horizontal stripes! He looks like a candy mated with a sausage:

But he sure is cute.

And now that you’ve suffered through all of that (or scrolled down to the bottom – whatever), here are details on how to win!

Leave me a comment telling me which style you would choose. For an additional entry, go to the Polarn O. Pyret site and tell me what you like (other than the styles I’ve featured please).

And of course you get an extra entries for anything you do to promote the giveaway. E-mail friends, tweet, share in your reader…just let me know.

As usual, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave a separate comment for each entry. So much easier to tally.

I’m going to be away next week, so I’ll keep this open through Labor Day. Good luck!

And thank you Polarn O. Pyret for the adorable shirts!

Color Palette Generator

I find the best stuff on Creature Comforts. It’s a must read in my out of control Google Reader which is so often subject to “mark all as read” cleansing.

A couple of weeks ago, Ez featured something called the Color Palette Generator.

As a lover of “things,” I’m charmed by the idea of taking a picture of a favorite objet or painting and generating a color palette to use for decorating a room. This is exactly what the Color Palette Generator does, and Ez provides a little tutorial:

I immediately tried to do this with a couple of images that I’ve featured here.

This lovely little painting by Liza Hirst:

And then this magnificent chair found on Absolutely Beautiful Things:

Unfortunately, neither worked for me. So I think I need a tutorial for the tutorial… In the meantime, I’ll just have to look through existing palettes. Let me know if you can figure out why I’m getting errors. Or…maybe not. This could be a major time suck…

The Birds Return

Remember this birdie wallpaper I featured the other week?

Well Viv from ish and chi recently used it in a DIY project. Instead of papering a room with it, she created a beautiful display above her bed.

I love how something that looks so fantastic can be just a fraction of the expense that a large piece of art would require.

Elegant, modern and a perfect way to display a favorite wallpaper or textile. Brilliant.

Can you believe I won this?!

One of my new artist friends, Lara Harris of A Vintage Touch fame, has been doing giveaways for miniature paintings of something that the winners treasure.

I’ve written about this before as a means of getting an additional entry for the giveaway, and apparently it paid off! I was one of the lucky winners.

I have so many beautiful things that I treasure, so choosing one was difficult. But then I had an idea. Years ago, I planned a wedding shower for my good friend Anastasia. I used bits and pieces of china and ceramics that I’ve collected to display pale pink roses, and was so charmed by the end result that I took at picture of the one on my coffee table.

Here is what I sent to Lara:

She posted about the progress, so I got to see a little bit of her process:

And then she posted this picture of the finished piece:

I saw that while I was on vacation at the beach and couldn’t have been happier. It was exactly what I had hoped and more.And it’s TINY. Have I ever mentioned how much I love beautiful, detailed things that are tiny? Anyway – I took a picture when it arrived so that I could show you just how tiny this little gem is:
It’s now displayed on my dresser alongside a beautiful Janet Hill (also very small), so that I can look at them and sigh every day as I get ready.

Lara generally features pictures of her work on her blog. Add it to your reader so you’ll know when she has new paintings for sale. They are so reasonably priced that they’re snapped up pretty quickly. Last I checked these tiny ones were still available:

Thanks again Lara for my little treasure!*Lara does a lot of custom work and recently did a painting of Matthew Mead’s dog, Oscar. Click here for more information on rates for Lara’s custom work.