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They Coulda’ Been Great – January 2014


Our January bits and bobs via Facebook… (What is this? All answers are HERE.) January 1 2:55 p.m. A few days ago I expressed surprise at how violated my husband felt by my decision to purchase cheap toilet paper. Well. I am currently sitting at an auto repair shop where the very unremarkable bathroom off…

They Coulda’ Been Great: November 2013


  November highlights via Facebook… (What is this? All answers are HERE.) November 1 5:09 p.m. Overheard at a play date… Six year old: Mom! We need you to open our scooters! Mother: Excuse me? Six year old: WE NEED you to open our scooters! Mother: What is missing from your request? Six year old:…

They Coulda’ Been Great: October 2013


October highlights via Facebook… (What is this? All answers are HERE.) October 1 5:52 p.m. Aaaaaand third verse, same as the first (or second, since it’s Mr. Robinson again). George wrote ANOTHER apology letter tonight: “Der Mistr Ropsin, I em sore fr beying rood ad idrubing [and interrupting]. I em going to be god [good]….

They Coulda’ Been Great: September 2013


A little look back at September via Facebook… (What is this? All answers are HERE.) September 2 1:12 p.m. George: Dad, why is juggling free? Chris: What? George: Why is juggling free? Chris: Juggling is what? George: FREE! Why is juggling FREE? Chris: I have no idea what you are talking about. George: Why is…

They Coulda’ Been Great: August 2013


A little look back at August via Facebook… (What is this? All answers are HERE.) August 3 7:43 p.m. “I like to do like this…makes me look old.” August 4 8:22 a.m. So chronic lower back pain seems to be part of my life now… Feels like just yesterday my worst “getting old” complaint was…

They Coulda’ Been Great: July 2013


  Another month has passed and exactly 0 blog posts have been written. Some good Facebook activity of course! So here are the “coulda’ been’s” (no idea what I’m talking about? Explanation HERE.) July 1 3:30 p.m. Earlier at the pediatrician, Eleanor suggested that doctors look in your ears so they could see your brain….

Teachable Moment of the Day


  And just when I thought my family couldn’t lower the bar any further… This morning as I was getting ready for the day and pretending to listen to Eleanor explain how George can make a trombone sound on his DS, the young gamer himself approached us and laughingly announced, “I just took a picture…

They Coulda’ Been Great! May-June 2013


  Hi Mom, Chris, Nancy and the other 98% of my family (and a few of my best friends who aren’t on Facebook)! You know how you never check my blog anymore because I NEVER post anything anymore? And how I always say it’s because I’m so busy and that’s only 50% true because the…

They Coulda’ Been Great… March 2013


  Well – it doesn’t look like I’ll have time  to post anything new before the Listen to Your Mother – DC show on April 28th (and speaking of that – have you bought your tickets yet?). So here is another installment of my “this could have been a blog post” series. If you haven’t…

They Coulda’ Been Great… February 2013 Facebook Upates


  I have a few half written posts that I swear I will finish one of these days (except for the Christmas one – that shelf life has long since expired…) But I don’t seem to have time for more than the odd Facebook update here and there. So I guess I’ll just continue with…

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