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The Glamorous Life

My father just sent me several e-mails with pictures and information about my grandparents and great grandparents (even the great-greats), but my favorites are the ones of my Grandma Olive.

She was quite lovely and the old photographs show her in wonderful vintage fashions.

She died very young at 43, but she did a lot in her short life. Aside from having three sons with my grandfather and traveling all over the world, she was Vice Chairman of the Red Cross in Los Angeles as well as Chairman of Volunteers (over 1000 people). The National Red Cross had actually asked her to be the Head of all Volunteers in the US, but it meant she would had to move to Washington, DC. Pretty impressive for wife and mother in 1957!

As I went through the ancestor pictures, I marveled at how there were so many (almost 90). But it then occurred to me that compared to now, there were hardly any. People once had just a handful for an entire lifetime. Maybe that’s part of what makes the old ones seem so glamorous. They were special. An event. Each one a treasure to be put in a box, not archived in a digital folder. I wonder what the younger generations will make of us and our thousands of photos. I doubt they’ll be quite as enchanted with the 100 pictures of a three year old’s birthday party! Or maybe they will. Only time will tell…

Today I’d Like to be…on a beautiful beach.

The leftover snow sludge that surrounds me is depressing. I wish I was somewhere warm.

I want to splash through waves – not squish through mud.

And I’m not feeling picky – so airfare may be the only serious consideration (even in my fantasies the economy is bad…)

I love the beach at sunrise…


…and even at the sunniest high noon.

That’s what umbrellas are for.

Off to book a pedicure.

See you at the snack bar (because my fantasies ALWAYS involve snacks).

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Today I’d Like to be in…Paris

Because I even love Paris in the Winter when it drizzles. Actually – I only love drizzly Paris in theory because the single time I visited was in Summer when it sizzles (You’re catching the I Love Paris quotes right?)

Anyway – even though the City of Lights is best known for its Spring and Autumn splendor, I could visit anytime.

The architecture doesn’t change with the seasons.

And I don’t believe that the Louvre shuts down when it gets chilly…

In fact – I imagine that it would have been a lovely spot for a Valentines Day outing.

Which would of course include shopping on the Champs Elysee.

Note to self: investigate diets promising fast results so I can fit into those tiny French sizes…

I think I could also save some money by renting a cozy pied-à-terre like this lovely little apartment from Haven in Paris:

While I may not be able to afford the beautiful dinners at fabulous restaurants, there is always the option of dining in…

…or grabbing a little treat from a patisserie.

Yes – I think Paris sounds lovely right now. So I’m off to book my flight (you know – in that far preferable parallel universe I visit so often in my head).

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Today I’d Like to be in…Quebec City

One would think that in the midst of all of this snow (Greetings from sunny DC!), I’d be dreaming of Jamaica. And I may be another week – but I do kind of love the snow (as much as I also want to tell the snow to suck it). It brings back memories of some truly fantastic pre-children Winter trips that we’ve taken.

One that I remember fondly is a trip we took to Quebec City.

We selected this destination mainly because the pictures made it look like an ideal setting for a holiday season vacation (we were there in December).

We stayed in the city for a few nights and then drove an hour outside of town to go cross country skiing.

While in Quebec City, we had lovely dinners in bistro style restaurants where we had to make sad attempts at ordering in French. Luckily, the locals were just as lovely as the ambiance and they made us feel right at home, awful accents and all.

We took the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping while we were there, and made sure to buy a couple of ornaments for our tree. We also had to buy new snow boots, since our shoes weren’t exactly appropriate for the snowy streets. We still wear them.

It was such a great walking city (with the new boots and all), and we spent very little time in our B&B. I’m not usually a big B&B fan (too anti-social), but it was perfect for our budget and comfort expectations.

I have some good stories about that trip – especially the cross country skiing (my first time!). But this isn’t a travelogue. Just a little escape into the past and hopefully the future (it’s at the top of our list for a possible kid-free long weekend away). Flights in December will be a bit pricier, but so worth it for the Christmas trees on every doorstep!

Images via Hicker Fine Art, The Brooklyn Nomad, About.com: Canada, L-One Sakae Staff Blog, Amirault Photography and Travel with a Challenge.