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Out of Hibernation! First Post: Paper Culture

Months ago, I decided that maintaining three blogs (The Big Piece of Cake, Style Key West AND Wishing True) was just too much for me (ya think?!) and I took a break from wishingtrue.com. But I’ve missed my pretty things blog – I really have.

So when I worked with the fabulously talented Mommy Geek to move The Big Piece of Cake over to WordPress, I decided to add a Wishing True page. That way, I could keep the old url and the archived posts AND streamline my personal blogs without the clumsy button links. So voila! Wishing True is back.

And today, I’m taking a look at Paper Culture, a fab (surprise!) paper goods company I discovered at BlogHer in August.

How cute are these:

These are just a few examples of the “bamboo wall art” designs. There are too many to show you ALL of my favorites – so you’ll just have to check it out for yourself. You can also upload your own photos – which is an interesting alternative to framing prints.

I also loved the note cards they had out on display.

These examples are pretty “boysie” as my daughter likes to say (and the second one is obviously for a child) – but there are plenty of other girly options.

And of course, with holiday card and invitation season starting…

I love that there are some custom cards that don’t require a photo (something I may need to consider if I can’t get my act together on the picture taking front). Also, some of the holiday cards have patterned backs – very pretty.

And before signing off on this one (off to pick out my holiday cards, that is…) I have to let you know about some current discounts/promotions:

Blyber Fronday (BLack FRiday and cYBER mONDAY) is a promotion for 10 FREE holiday cards.  No minimum purchase – just shipping and tax. (They also have a free “Mail & Message” service where they stamp, address and mail the cards on your behalf and you only pay for postage).

They’re also running a “Friends and Family for All” promo for two days only. Receive 30% off anything in the store using the code FF30 from 12:01 a.m. PST on Wednesday 11/30 through 11:59 p.m. PST on Thursday 12/1.

Welcome back Wishing True! In a couple of days, I’ll tell you about the coolest new photography gadget I just discovered…

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I received an e-mail about the current promotions and wanted to share the details!

From The Desk Of…

I just love the Desk Collection stationery from Dear Hancock!

But I don’t know that any of these specifically apply to me…

So I may have to opt for the CUSTOM DESK:

They will design a desk that reflects your own work, hobbies and interests. Isn’t that brilliant? It would make a great gift too.

Of course my custom desk would have to be theoretical since my laptop sits on a dining room table littered with various and sundry family debris… Maybe I’d just call it “my dream desk.”

Wishing really, really hard for that (desk AND matching stationery).

Needful Things: Gadabout Note Cards

Months ago, I put the Gadabout link in my “check it out” list and I’m only just, well, checking it out.

In one of those “finally – someone who gets me” moments, I found myself pouring over every lovely illustration on the site (didn’t let myself click on the blog tab for fear of losing all sense of time).

I have often talked about my love of treasured things reflected in art form, and the Gadabout stationery line wholly embodies this predilection. Each illustration is a little gem of rich detail conveyed through simple elegance. I wouldn’t even know which one to choose… But here are a few of my favorites:

Okay – so that was more than a few. But seriously – how can you possibly just pick one!? Add this to the wish list…as well as the list of reasons that I should have worked harder on my penmanship back in grade school…

2010 Christmas Card from Annechovie

I have a ton of catch up to do in my design blog reading. But I do keep my friend Anne’s site at the top of my reader, and just saw the recent post about her new Christmas card!

She produces a different card each year, and this one is just as a lovely as the last two. I don’t care much for in your face holiday images of snow covered villages (particularly since half my mail list features zip codes for warm climates). So Anne’s subtle watercolors are right up my ally.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas – two of the cards can do “holiday” just as well (blank inside and no nativity scenes or Santa coming down the chimney, you know). And best of all, she offers the option of custom printing a personalized message.

Visit her Etsy shop for full details.

My Kind of Halloween

Halloween is not really my favorite day of the year. In fact, I find the October marathon of horror movie commercials and late night movies to be a constant source of channel surfing terror. I just don’t like scary stuff.

Blood thirsty serial killers brandishing meat cleavers? The dead rising from their graves? Creepy neighborhood gore enthusiasts with their annual haunted house? I find none of these things fun.

Illustrations of little children in old fashioned costumes though? THAT I can get behind.

How cute are these prints from Sarah Jane Studios?

I’ve always loved this Etsy shop. It’s a great resource for stationery and nursery/kids’ room art. I particularly love the calendar series (click to enlarge):

How sweet is October?

And wouldn’t this one look cute in a bathroom?

I could post pictures of all of her work…but maybe you could just visit her shop. For even more images, check out her blog!

Sweet Giveaway on Reverie Daydream!

In honor of her birthday month (which is also mine!), sweet Mel of Reverie Daydream is giving away this wonderful set of handmade and signed French Patisserie note cards from her shop:

I have a good feeling about winning this one… But you may as well enter too, you know – just in case.

Speaking of giveaways…today is the last day to enter mine for former Project Runway finalist, Laura Bennett’s signed copy of Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday? Run – don’t walk!

Rifle Paper Co.

Have you ever wanted an illustrated portrait? On a business card or note paper? Yes, yes and yes please! How darling.

I found Rifle Paper Co. on A Cup of Jo tonight and I’m in love with those little people…

A custom invitation to an event (say – a wedding…) would be really special:

I’d say that this is a fantastic gift idea – but let’s be honest… I just want it for myself.

Back at My Post (and Staying Stationery)

Did you notice that I disappeared for a week? Well – technically, I was only MIA at Wishing True since I do have a personal blog called The Big Piece of Cake. But still – it’s been a week since I’ve opened a new post for this site (I think I heard my computer creak).

It seems that I really don’t have that much time for two blogs. But I can’t imagine quitting either. So I’m just going to post a little less frequently than I did previously. Just two or three times a week and I’m going to try to keep things as text light as possible. Since this need to drone on and on is probably one of the biggest reasons that I procrastinate posting.

So. Less posts. Less words. More pictures. I think that will work for everyone.

And with that out of the way. Check out this stationery company, The Stationery Position, spotted on Oh Joy! today.

Safe the Date Cards:

Birth Announcements:

Holiday Greetings:

I love the bright colors and bold block prints. Perfect for any occasion.