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Saying Grace


  I’m not a particularly religious person. We stopped going to church when I was very little, and while I was baptized, I can’t even tell you the exact denomination. Protestant? Episcopalian? Something like that. Then when we moved to DC, my parents made the incongruous decision to enroll my brother and me in private…

The Good in Goodbye


I went to a funeral last Friday. And I’ve been thinking a lot about it over the past week. About all funerals, really. What is it that they say about funerals? That they’re for the living? It makes sense. Only the living would really need a funeral. Because it offers a means of saying goodbye….

Before and Now


If you are a parent, do you even remember what life was like before children? Well of course, we all remember! But it’s hard to imagine going back there – to have no knowledge of how it feels to live several lives simultaneously. Primarily, we’re living our own life. But at the same time we…

Good Omens


The other day, I burst into tears while apologizing to another mother at the pool. This was as much of a surprise for me as it was for her. While I do cry on occasion, it’s generally the result of frustration or hurt feelings – and almost exclusively reserved for my husband in the privacy…

The Worst Fear (Alternatively Titled: “Oliver’s grandmothers probably shouldn’t read this…”)


Since I’m fairly certain said grandmothers have not heeded my advice, I’d just like to put it out there that everyone is OKAY. With the exception of maybe me… Though my robotic ability to shut down emotions when they threaten to render me unable to cease crying for the rest of my life did kick…



It’s a loaded word. And we use it all the time in so many different ways… “How could I be so stupid?…then the stupid coffee maker broke…don’t say stupid honey, it’s not nice…don’t be stupid, of course I’ll help with…that stupid dog was barking all night…please don’t say stupid sweetie, it hurts feelings…” I’ve tried explaining that it’s…

And Then I Started Watching The Walking Dead


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here… I was busy with family in town over Christmas, and assumed that I’d be back to wish you a Happy New Year on January 1. Or at least by January 7. What’s that? February is right around the corner? I noticed that too. And for the life of me, I don’t know…

Living the Dream


While I was pregnant with my first child—my special needs child, Oliver—I had this little thing I would do every night before going to sleep. It wasn’t exactly a prayer, or even some intentional form of magical thinking…but I would reflect on everything that I wanted for my baby. It was more of a list…

Dynamic Family Dynamics


1/17/14 This post was originally published on The Squashed Bologna in October 2011. I came across the link and decided to retroactively publish it here too. Hard to believe that was over two years ago… Dynamic Family Dynamics Often when asked about the level of chaos and drama in my house, I’ll say that “I…

Hope Hurts


A while ago, a friend of mine wrote about how mothers of autistic children cry all the time. She explained that the tears of happiness are just as plentiful as those of sadness. And to be honest, I had never really thought about it before. After considering this idea, I decided that I almost never…

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