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Interior Styling Favorites: Part Three

Concluding my three part series on the Flickr group, Interior Styling. (Click to see Part One and Part Two.) Not sure if these last six flow as well as the previous ones did, but there is a definite theme of “can’t drag my eyes from the screen.”

(see below for Flickr source names)

1. {elena} 2. Trisha Brink Design 3. cupcakes & cartwheels 4. Lisa sParks 5. MGS Fotografie 6. Trisha Brink Design

Interior Styling Favorites: Part One

For the life of me, I can’t remember where I first heard about the Flickr group, Interior Styling. Possibly from the source, decor8… Anyway – it’s a great source of inspiration and an easy place to get lost for long periods of time (seriously – there are over 800 photos and I think I at least glanced at all of them).

I couldn’t help but save images of some of my favorites, so I thought I’d do a three part series here. These certainly aren’t the only images that appealed to me – but they just happened to make my rather arbitrary cut).

(see below for Flickr source names)

1. polshka 2. lizcaan 3. sara one day 4. Lisa sParks 5. sammbee 6. Twinsgarden 7. Trisha Brink Design

Is it me…

…or is the cutest picture you’ve ever seen?

I found it on Grosgrain last week.

It made me smile. It also made me want to scoop all three of them up so I could give them a big squeeze.

I don’t know them though, and even if I did, the chances of them all being squashed together like that when I saw them would be pretty unlikely…

So I’ll just settle for squeezing my own three children. If they let me.

Squeezing isn’t really their thing.

They don’t love the group hug…

I may have to settle for a family pile up.

Right after I sew ties onto all of their shirts.*

Happy Monday!

*Which would be right after I take sewing lessons since I don’t actually know how to sew…