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All I Want for Christmas…The New Lytro Camera

Have you seen the new Lytro camera?

You can get full details on the science behind it (light field mumbo jumbo) on the website. But putting theory into practice, the user can take a picture and then play around with the focus later. Here are examples of two pictures focused two different ways AFTER the image was captured:

The perfect camera for a regular Joes who are never going to become serious photographers with all of the lenses and technical training. And particularly good for events or action that you don’t want to miss while fiddling with camera settings.

While I love my “real” camera and do want to learn how to do more with it – this little guy would come in pretty handy for on the go – every day picture snapping.

Now I’m curious to hear what users think…

Needful Things: Jill Rosenwald Studio

How cute is this little lamp?

What about this tall one?

Or this one?

This would be great for holding keys by the front door (do you think anyone would get the Greek Key thing?)

Probably not. So I’d just tell them.

Also loving…

She also does monogrammed pieces!

And custom work. I could go on – but preschool pick up is in 20 minutes and I STILL need to write something for The Big Piece of Cake. And speaking of having too many blogs – new posts are up at Style Key West!

Check out Jill’s website HERE and her blog HERE. AND of course, the fab interview on Annechovie (where I discovered her work) HERE!

Happy Monday!

5/17/11 UPDATE: My friend just informed me that not only is she familiar with Jill’s work and owns several of her pieces, but that Jill will actually be in my area doing a show this weekend. Obviously – I’m going. I’ll be sure to take some pictures and report back!

Needful Things: Oliphant Jewelry

A long time ago my friend, Nancy showed me a new pair of earrings that looked a lot like this:

I wonder if they were from Oliphant. Either way, I loved those and I love these. Oliphant’s version comes in both turquoise (pictured) and clear crystal. they also come in a larger size:

Another pair that caught my eye makes me think of vintage dresses and cocktail parties:

They would never go out of style.

I also love these pendant necklaces:

And this bracelet would get a lot of air time in my accessories rotation:

Pretty and feminine. Timeless. See more HERE.

Needful Things: Gadabout Note Cards

Months ago, I put the Gadabout link in my “check it out” list and I’m only just, well, checking it out.

In one of those “finally – someone who gets me” moments, I found myself pouring over every lovely illustration on the site (didn’t let myself click on the blog tab for fear of losing all sense of time).

I have often talked about my love of treasured things reflected in art form, and the Gadabout stationery line wholly embodies this predilection. Each illustration is a little gem of rich detail conveyed through simple elegance. I wouldn’t even know which one to choose… But here are a few of my favorites:

Okay – so that was more than a few. But seriously – how can you possibly just pick one!? Add this to the wish list…as well as the list of reasons that I should have worked harder on my penmanship back in grade school…

Needful Things: Driftwood Interiors Art

Remember the post I did on the new Ada & Darcy shop last week? And this was one of the items that I loved?

Well apparently I wasn’t the only one… Some fans were even moved to paint it:

Driftwood Interiors has and Etsy shop with even more pretties. Here are some paintings and prints that caught my eye:

Visit the Driftwood Interiors blog for more loveliness. AND receive 20% off of all purchases on Etsy through December 21st. All followers will be entered for a giveaway as well – so don’t forget to sign up for that (read the post for full details).

Needful Things: A Life of Style by Rebecca Moses

I recently read about designer Rebecca Moses’ new book, A Life of Style – and I really think I must have it. Illustrated with fanciful watercolors, A Life of Style provides inspiration and practical advice for developing your own personal style through eschewing rules and appreciating style constants.

Here are some images I was able to grab online (via Dining and Decor and Amazon.com – not the best resolution…but really the best I could find):

I would love to read the rest, but more than that, I want to own this colorful gem. Beautifully illustrated books are a weakness of mine. Getting her signature in it as well? That would be heaven for me.

Needful Things: Tiffany Leather

Have you had a chance to peruse the new leather line at Tiffany & Co. yet? Since I don’t live in NYC, I’m limited to online views, but I’m in a full swoon over the loveliness.

Not a flashy logo in sight. No studs or millions of zippers. It’s sophisticated elegance all the way, thanks to the direction of Richard Lambertson and John Truex.

My favorites include these killer clutches (someday they’ll be heirlooms…that justifies the expense right?)…

…ladies who lunch purses…

…the slouchy hobo…

…and this reversible tote that practically brings tears to my eyes:

I wouldn’t kick the black suede/metallic leather version out of bed either:

You think I’m kidding?

While there aren’t any rainbow T&Co. patterns to be found, label whores will be gratified by the signature Tiffany blue lining and engraved clasps.

Since I tend to gravitate toward “pretty” as opposed to edgy, this line is right up my alley. So if any wealthy admirers out there would like to buy me a little prezzie…

I do love all things that sparkle, but if I was given free range of the flagship store today, my first stop would be leather.