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Links I Love 10/24/11

Again on a Monday! Maybe the trick to having a weekly feature successfully post on a specific day is to NOT label it “Monday Links.” Either way – here they are:

These supportive posts from “Beliebers” warm my heart (have you written yours?)

Family history first hand.
A beautiful ferris wheel.
You never have to lose your creativity!
Remembering a grandmother (the second grandmother-related Just Write post on this list!) 
Now THAT’S diversity.
And if I already thought MY daughter’s Barbies looked whorish
PPD or just depression? What do labels matter, really?
Doesn’t everyone have a top ten for pet peeves about their spouse? Top 20?
I made this Kahlua cake and it was AMAZING.

Links I Love

I’ve decided not to label these posts “Monday Links” anymore. First, because I so rarely get my act together and post them on Monday and second, because of the implication that I post them EVERY Monday. So let’s go with nebulous: Links I Love.

And here they are – some links from the past month:

Help this family show their grieving daughter that good things can still happen.

I need to start living this quote.

I wish more people blogged like this…I wish I did.

This is an old one – from August – but I still think about it every day…

A true commentary on how “authentic” we are with our children

What is your Mt. Everest?

One of the best Project Runway recaps ever.

Also love these (are you reading them?)

Heartbreaking story of not liking a much loved sibling

I’m in love with these cabanas!

When grownups need to act their age (two stories about “hurt feelings”):

Insightful and inspiring thoughts on the Autism community.

How to make sure your kids are bad sleepers.

If it’s possible for hair to have fun – this is what it looks like.

Expect more of these every once in a while – but not on a Monday. Or maybe on a Monday. Who knows? I certainly don’t.

Monday Links (and Happy Birthday America!)

Took a little break to restock on links. Here’s some favorites from the past couple of weeks:

Good advice on backing up your blog. Did anyone ever tell you that you should do that? (via Issa)

The social media equivalent of “blood brothers

Remember Fashion Plates?

Going to BlogHer ’11 in San Diego? Here are suggestions for “What’s the closest” to the conference hotel.

Yay for kids out of school!

Fab furniture makeover

This Fathers Day post (told you it’s been a couple of weeks…) made me laugh out loud

Hilarious He Said/She Said on having a third.

This is magical (not pretty – but so true it hurts)

Loving this “beach bag alternative

A beautiful story about names

Love this attempt to get inside a special needs (or any) child’s head

OF COURSE – a salute to America’s birthday

And we shall conclude with “What might have happened to Ophelia if only she had a Sassy Gay Friend

*Very sad side note: I was going to add a picture of our July 4th festivities (celebrated early at a neighborhood party yesterday) but my computer started projectile vomiting and my pictures file is now EMPTY. This would include every picture I’ve taken since January 1 – all of which I’ve been meaning to back up, but… I’m heartbroken…but hopeful that some computer geek – I mean STUD might be able to come to my rescue tomorrow. Fingers crossed…

Monday Links (On Tuesday) (Again)

I should start calling this “Monday or Tuesday Links” since I’m a day late 50% of the time. It’s a bit wordy though – so I guess we’ll just leave it.

My excuse for being late is that Oliver was home sick yesterday and I was caught up in doctor visits and also gazing at my children’s new bedrooms which will look like nothing special to anyone else, but make me happier than you would believe.

And we did some of this outside.

It was a beautiful day. Keep ’em coming DC weather patterns!

And now, some recent good reads:

A very brave post about body image – even more so coming from a design blogger.

And also? Some DIY/design bloggers are really funny.

Mothers of boys everywhere unite! And wince.

Then? I think we should all make a list.

The real and true tears.

Do gardens like this actual exist outside of fairy tales?

I can’t believe this story – or that I actually know her – OR that I knew about the blood clot at the time and was naive enough to think that it was just magically fixed. It’s a long read – but so interesting/terrifying.

I feel like this reflects my own life much of the time…

I love this:

For more of the above genius – visit Natalie Dee

Have any great links to suggest?

Monday Links (on Tuesday)

Sorry – holiday weekends always throw me off…

Here are some recent favorites:

While I have very little experience with cruel commenters, I do admire those who so effectively give them the finger.

And then a 31 year old made me remember why I shouldn’t be worrying about my almost 40-year old wrinkles.

Ever need some color inspiration?

Soooo relating to this right now AND THIS (a never-ending battle…)

Have a box of colorful buttons lying around? Display them!

Some interesting thoughts on a retailer’s progressive product marketing. Is it enough?

I loved this on so many levels.

And yes – I totally took that picture. My neighbor’s hydrangea bush is about to bloom. I almost think I like it best like this.

So THAT’S Why People Get "Real" Cameras! & A Return to Monday Links

I recently purchased a “real” camera (a good “beginner’s” one – Nikon D5000) for work purposes. And on the first day, without a glance at the owner’s manual, let alone knowledge of how to work the contraption, I snapped a few random photos that looked like this:

Um….right. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?! I have six years of mediocre quality family pictures behind me now – all because I thought real cameras were for real photographers. I thought I’d need a class to learn how to use one. I had no idea that even a novice could capture some pretty great looking images using the automatic settings.

Oh well – bygones I guess. It’s never too late and all that…

So look forward to reading my photography blog in the future. Just kidding of course (sort of).

Here are some great links from the past couple of weeks:

Speaking of “real photographers” – I can never get enough of this woman’s work!

And are you reading this blog yet? Well you really need to. Immediately.

This site makes me yearn for my days of traveling…

Oh – so THAT’S how you make your pictures bigger in Blogger!

A hilarious response to spam e-mail.

Why is it the “children can be so cruel” and what can we do to help? (easy answers? anyone? Bueller?)

Sal give some excellent advice on “when to buy” and “minimizing laundry.”

Every time I find myself obsessing over those two vertical wrinkles next to my left eye, I need to read THIS.

Need a new avatar? Jill’s daughter can make you look 100% sluttier better.

The hard conversations we have with our kids about special needs.

My twins were obsessed with this video for at least a week.

I think the shoes really make the outfit.

And now I will leave you with this:

Yup – I took that. Cropped – but not otherwise enhanced. Did I mention that I got a new camera?!

Happy Monday!

Data Entry Hell, the Twins Want Me to Look 80 Before I’m 40, AND LINKS!

I have mentioned a few times that I’m working on setting up an online store for my parents’ home furnishings shop, Style Key West. And I actually had the hubris to think that it would be all done by last Friday. I even ignored my blogs for a week to work on the project. And guess what? IT’S STILL NOT DONE. I’m in data entry hell.

That’s wildly exaggerated of course, because “hell” implies that I hate data entry. And in the spirit of full disclosure I have to say, I actually kind of like data entry. I find it soothing and even satisfying. Something related to my slight OCD streak I’m sure – but either way, it’s not so much “hell” as it is time consuming. So I’m going to be fairly absent for another week. I do have one short post in mind that may go up before Saturday – but that’s chancy at best.

In the meantime – I collected many links over the course of two weeks since I did take blog READING (as opposed to writing) breaks. I didn’t get through my entire reader mind you – but at this point, a comprehensive list would be obnoxious (or at the very least, unkind).

Before that though I’d just like to announce that Eleanor and George have started a new campaign against my looks. I will be 40 next year, and anti-age creams have been a staple of my personal maintenance routine since I was 34. Basically since the twins were born. And for every smear of eye cream that goes onto my crows feet, they insist on giving me new wrinkles on a daily basis.

And how do they do this? They fight – they fight – they fight and fight and fight…

…fight fight fight – bite bite bite – the Eleanor and Georgie show!

A theme song that runs through my head pretty much 24/7 these days. Except in my head, I hear it as “The Screamy and Shrieky Show.” It’s a magical time…

And now for the links!

Here’s a handy calendar of all 2011 blogging conferences

What are your biggest fears?

Being your own better half

More “Momness

If Advertising was honest

Wise words on reinventing yourself

Wendy concludes that they really don’t make ’em like they used to (this was actually one of my very favorite posts)

It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who gets real world knowledge from TV dramas AND has had to climb from the back to the front seat because of child safety locks

How could this NOT be your favorite new book?

A successful blogger’s honest account (when does she not?) of how she’s made money through blogging.

Ever been to a bullfight?

Graphic Novels for special needs kids who express resistance to reading

Metamorphosis (via Marinka)

How to be Alone:

Living with chronic “bitch face

Super cute wooden heart ring

Are you lucky enough to live in a city hosting one of the LTYM shows? If so – BUY A TICKET:
Los Angeles, CA – May 1
Austin, TX – April 30
Valparaiso, IN – May 7
Spokane, WA – May 8
Madison, WI – May 8
Seriously – I’m so sad one of these isn’t in driving distance. I would definitely be in the audience.

Monday Links

Wow – how glad am I to get that title with the word “fart” below the fold on my blog?! If you read that post, you’ll see that it’s not my favorite topic (UPDATE: I was actually featured today on Today’s Mama – and what do you think shows up as my most recent post? sigh)

I have been somewhat consumed with work I’m doing on a new website (which I will announce later in the week) – so I haven’t had much time to visit and comment. But I did make note of some favorite reads this past week. So here they are. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Love this new Color Me Pretty installment on Decor8 from Leslie of A Creative Mint!

This post about Seville makes me incredibly nostalgic for my pre-kids travel days…

I could watch this over and over…

Love this account of what is in a young mother’s purse.

Did you see the latest issue of Rue Magazine?

Story Bleed Magazine is looking for new material. You can find more details HERE and a submission form HERE.

I have always found that my childhood friendships stay strong no matter how long we may fall out of touch. Something about meeting when you’re too young to have superficial priorities I think.

Book Purses!

I never cease to be amazed at how insensitive some parents can be about other children’s special needs…

Do you feel like you settled on any of your baby name choices?

Apparently children being too honest extends into college…specifically college tours for prospective students.

Also can’t stop watching this:

Have a great week!

Monday Links

Apropo of nothing…

Isn’t that cool? I just totally learned how to do that in my Blogging Your Way e-class (this was actually party of my week 3 homework that I posted on Wishing True today). I highly recommend it to anyone just starting out. Obviously I’m not just starting out – but three years later, I still feel very much like a novice.

I decided to take the class to help me in setting up my parents’ new online decor shop and website – but it’s really been useful across the board. If you want to know more about it, send me an e-mail and we’ll chat.

Now – onto my links from last week!

We’ve all been known to sneer about how blogging is just like high school. But really business is just like high school – many of the same survival skills apply…

I need to buy this poster and carry it around with me all day – every day…at least for a little while.

Sally gave great advice on shopping pitfalls and how to avoid them. I’ve so been there as evidenced by the unworn hot pink mules that still sit in my closet…

Gadgets that all DIYers MUST HAVE.

Jack’s homework: the best use of vocabulary words ever

I just love Pearl’s writing. Especially this post about her family.

Incredible DIY
– makes me want to try something like it…why don’t I ever try anything like this, again?

TLo on the new Charlie’s Angels show.

Cloud cookies!

Taking your six year old daughter to see La Cage when Billy Elliot was sold out is AWESOME SAUCE.

Cool spin on the nameplate necklace (with source links!)

Slash auctions off prized items in his various…collections (including a dinosaur bone coffee table from Charlie Sheen!)

ALSO – I forgot to promote my other blogs the past two Mondays. Ooops! So in case you are interested…

On Wishing True last week:

I love this music video.
Perfecting Parisian chic(?)
Super cool (and potentially dangerous) folding chairs.

On Style Key West last week:

The art of making arrangements.
Can bugs be beautiful?
Monday color – the “uncolor” scheme.

Happy Monday! Seriously – it’s not that bad…

Monday Links (and a post-op update!)

First the update. I’m tired.

The surgery itself was fine. In fact – it was better than fine. I was able to sleep the night before, I never had to experience hunger pangs with the 7:30 a.m. scheduling and it was outpatient, so I I was in my own bed sleeping by mid-day.

I honestly expected to be a ball of anxiety, but instead I found myself quite practical and only minimally nervous. New maturity or talent for dissociation? Maybe a little of both with a major emphasis on the latter? Either way – it’s over and I’m recovering. And I’m exhausted.

The painkillers made me a little loopy over the weekend (as my friends on Twitter probably noticed), but we were lucky to have a cousin come stay for a couple of days and help Chris corral the children. I actually spent most of my time in bed like I was supposed to, and that was nothing short of miraculous.

I’ve now cut my dose in half and I’m really feeling it. But my previous experience with a c-section gives me hope that in a few days, I’ll be able to stop taking them altogether. And be able to DRIVE again. It’s very strange to be trapped at home. While there are places I could go within walking distance – I can’t walk that far yet!

Okay – my update is boring. There are probably a ton of funny stories I could tell (or stories I could tell with a humorous perspective) – but I’m feeling very dull. My brain is fuzzy. And my eyelids are numb. Have you ever had numb eyelids? It’s weird.

I was able to do some blog reading – but mostly just those of friends. So my links today are pretty friend and favorite-heavy. If we have the same friends, I’m sorry for the repetition. Maybe there will be a few you missed:

Anna was a snoop when she was a kid. Were you? I TOTALLY was.

Kacy wrote what will hopefully be the first post in a series on “Momness.”

Stacey said goodbye to the nursery and saw some new potential there.

Marinka continues to keep hard hitting issues on the forefront of our thoughts with her USWeekly chats.

My friend Christy is so freaking cute I can’t stand it! Check out her new outfits.

Renee wrote about having a “conspicuous” family.

Rene writes because…

and today, Amy posted a six and a half minute video showing exactly what it looks like when water destroys civilization. In minutes. It makes things horrifyingly real for those of us who have found the news reports to be so incredibly surreal. In addition to praying, Amy’s added a Global Living link for donations to her sidebar.

Posting may be light this week. I’m toast.