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Me, but Better


*This post is brought to you by Kiran who pointed out that my husband is on a 10 day business trip so I should be blogging every night, right? So it looks like I may not be having my nose job next week. Oh – I didn’t mention that I’m getting a nose job? I’m…

The Twelve Days of Binging


On the First Day of Binging this Christmas gave to me: Cabernet with Almonds and Brie On the Second Day of Binging this Christmas gave to me: Two Candy Canes and Cabernet with Almonds and Brie On the Third Day of Binging this Christmas gave to me: Three French Pastries Two Candy Canes and Cabernet…

Saying Grace


  I’m not a particularly religious person. We stopped going to church when I was very little, and while I was baptized, I can’t even tell you the exact denomination. Protestant? Episcopalian? Something like that. Then when we moved to DC, my parents made the incongruous decision to enroll my brother and me in private…

They Coulda’ Been Great… February 2013 Facebook Upates


  I have a few half written posts that I swear I will finish one of these days (except for the Christmas one – that shelf life has long since expired…) But I don’t seem to have time for more than the odd Facebook update here and there. So I guess I’ll just continue with…

What’s Your Status? (Alternatively Titled: They Coulda’ Been Great) – January 2013 Facebook Upates


  Remember when we used to write regularly in our blogs and people would even READ what we wrote and possibly COMMENT? And we would read other blogs and comment and stuff too. And there would be this whole communication thing going on…what did we call it back then? OH YEAH – blogging. Now we…

The Good in Goodbye


I went to a funeral last Friday. And I’ve been thinking a lot about it over the past week. About all funerals, really. What is it that they say about funerals? That they’re for the living? It makes sense. Only the living would really need a funeral. Because it offers a means of saying goodbye….

They Coulda’ Been Great: 2012


  8/21/13 I know… A “They Coulda’ Been Great” post for ALL of 2012. AllOFIT. Oh – there’s not that much of it – I was a sporadic poster that year. I’ve had so much fun looking back at the silliness evidenced in my 2013 Facebook status updates, that I decided to stroll down memory…

Personal History (Part Two)


You may already know this – but I’m going to be posting installments of a personal history I’m writing for our family “ancestor book.” This is a continuation of that. And to simplify things, I’m putting the whole thing under “About Me.” So if you want to read from the beginning – you can head…

Personal History (Part One)


My father is putting together an “ancestor book” and has asked everyone in the family to write a little bit about themselves and their life to date. So of course as the only blogger in the family, I am also the LAST to actually write anything. Isn’t that always the way? Actually I find this…

I’m Shy Every Day


There is a little girl in the twins’ preschool class who takes my breath away with her familiarity. A solemn eyed four year old who simultaneously charms me and breaks my heart. Because she reminds me so much of myself. Amy is very quiet. And when I’m working there, manning a craft table, it seems there are…

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