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They Coulda’ Been Great: July 2013


  Another month has passed and exactly 0 blog posts have been written. Some good Facebook activity of course! So here are the “coulda’ been’s” (no idea what I’m talking about? Explanation HERE.) July 1 3:30 p.m. Earlier at the pediatrician, Eleanor suggested that doctors look in your ears so they could see your brain….

Saying Grace


  I’m not a particularly religious person. We stopped going to church when I was very little, and while I was baptized, I can’t even tell you the exact denomination. Protestant? Episcopalian? Something like that. Then when we moved to DC, my parents made the incongruous decision to enroll my brother and me in private…

The Good in Goodbye


I went to a funeral last Friday. And I’ve been thinking a lot about it over the past week. About all funerals, really. What is it that they say about funerals? That they’re for the living? It makes sense. Only the living would really need a funeral. Because it offers a means of saying goodbye….

Personal History (We Move to Pelham)


I’ve been pretty busy with Listen to Your Mother for the past couple of weeks, but I’ve been meaning to post another installment of that personal history I’m writing for our family “ancestor book.” If you’re interested, you can find the ealier posts under ”About Me.” Since this would be “Part Three” and I’m barely four years old…I think we’ll…

“Kids Can Be So Cruel…”


Thanks to The Bully Project for sponsoring my writing. Visit their website to join the movement and learn more. When  was in fifth and sixth grade, there was a girl in my class named Lauren. She was small and slim, with black hair. Pretty. And for the life of me, I can’t imagine what it was…

Personal History (Part Two)


You may already know this – but I’m going to be posting installments of a personal history I’m writing for our family “ancestor book.” This is a continuation of that. And to simplify things, I’m putting the whole thing under “About Me.” So if you want to read from the beginning – you can head…

Personal History (Part One)


My father is putting together an “ancestor book” and has asked everyone in the family to write a little bit about themselves and their life to date. So of course as the only blogger in the family, I am also the LAST to actually write anything. Isn’t that always the way? Actually I find this…

Horse Hell


You know those girls who are obsessed with horses when they’re young? They pretend jump ropes are reigns and run around the playground neighing and whinnying with their other horse-crazed friends? They inhale books on horses and collect plastic replicas to display on shelves? I was NEVER one of those girls. I never took a…

The Reluctant Lemming


About two years ago, I realized that my children and I have a problem with tardiness. While buckling the three-year-old twins into their car seats, I said something fairly innocuous like, “O.K., let’s go!” Then the following exchange took place: Eleanor: Are we going to be super late? Me: What? No, we’re not going to be late. George: Are…

Activity Fail, My Gout and Little Sisters


I’m not sure if I’ve gone into it here…but I’ve probably mentioned in the past that my kids have of yet to be enrolled in any kind of activity like soccer or ballet or even Gymboree when they were babies (though we did attempt “blast ball” with Oliver last year and decided he wasn’t ready)….

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