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Friday Confession: I’m Getting Sick of Friday Confessions


It’s true – I’m having a hard time finding inspiration for these. I mean – hey, we all have stuff to confess, but how much of it is interesting or funny? And about 75% of the interesting stuff probably isn’t appropriate for recounting outside of my head, let alone on a very public blog. So…

Vintage Rehab


Chris’ parents were here this weekend, so there wasn’t much time for writing. I did want to get in a quick Materialistic Monday post though. I’ve had Vintage Rehab on my Etsy favorites list for a long time. I think my friend Ainsley first introduced me to Stacey Samuel’s work. 1800s Fan Necklace Here is…

In Defense of the Chair


I think my post on Friday was a little misleading. You see, this was not in fact the first time that I have referenced “the chair.” The first time I featured it as a topic was in one of my Friday Confessions last November. I suggest reading that post for full details (don’t worry –…

J. Crew Longings and the Groundhog’s Cruel Prediction


Today was Groundhog Day – something that I never realize until I hear about it on the radio. I rarely give that much thought to Groundhog Day, but after the ice capades that was my life last week, I was very interested in this year’s prediction. I am ready for Spring. I’m always cold. I’m…

More Shameless Self Promotion


Okay – so I just got my copy of Something Cleverish in the mail. And I have found some great new (to me) humor blogs. These people are FUNNY! So far, my biggest laughs were for a post from Heidi of Hadleyesque. Her memories of an elementary school piano composition contest are hilarious. I’m honored…

Materialistic Monday: Wings and a Jewelry Giveaway


Did you ever play fairies when you were little? How about now? We don’t need wings – but I think we all kind of want them. Even if only in our dreams… We also don’t need jewelry but it’s most likely at the top of everyone’s wish list. My good friend Ainsley at Chattahoochee Mama…

Sleeping in Beauty


There isn’t much that I miss about my life before marriage. I’m content to just reminisce, and feel no need to revisit those days of staying out until dawn and wondering “if he’s going to call.” But there is one thing that I do long for with great nostalgia. One sigh-inducing memory that I will…

Scent of a Necklace: The Wendy Brandes Mia Locket


Have you ever heard of scent necklaces? Well – I hadn’t heard the actual term until I saw this swoon worthy bauble at Wendy Brandes Jewelry a few months ago: I found Wendy’s website when she commented on one of my posts (about my shoes of all things). I loved her designs and I was…

December Giveaways: Christy Wood Jewelry Design


I could bore you with a long story about new websites, fried hard drives and deleted pictures, but instead I’ll just say this. Christy Wood is FINALLY putting the pieces back together and getting her shop back online. Visit her here. What was the prize again? Oh right – a $50 credit to the shop….

Love at Every Sight


For once, I’m going to try to have a Materialistic Monday that includes more pictures than words. Let’s see if I can do it. I’m in love with the Anthropologie catalog that arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I usually get rid of catalogs once I’ve had a chance to look at…

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