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Links I Love 11/29/11

Is it me or does anyone else feel like Christmas (or Winter Break for those who don’t do Christmas) went from being months away to being days away? Lots of deadlines suddenly looming and my “as soon as I get through Thanksgiving” schedule now puts me in the thick of crunch time.

If you share my mounting anxiety, here are some distractions:

“That” mom: a list of types (and I think I’m one of them)
More pictures of ’80s hair. I would post my own awkward tween pictures but I think I destroyed all of them in high school (true story). 
Good advice for making an old bathroom look 100% better before renovation is possible. 
SO intrigued by this camera that allows you to focus AFTER taking pictures. I want one! 
While I’ve never been captivated by poetry – this girl grabs me every time. Especially this one
Life has felt pretty heavy lately. Thank goodness for light and frivolous YouTube videos! This one always makes me smile.
I found this Thanksgiving perspective breathtaking.  
One of my favorite ladies, Scary Mommy helped over 400 families put a Thanksgiving dinner on their tables. 
I made this as a Thanksgiving dessert and it was fabulous!
And finally…pictures of Margaret’s Excellent Adventure at the AMAs!

Links I Love 11/21/11

Just a short list this week. I didn’t have a lot of free reading time…

Some very EXCITING (to me) NEWS!

Easy and inexpensive ruffled curtain!
What you “thought” you knew when you were a teenager (featuring a picture of some kick ass ’80s hair – my limp strands would have been jealous). 
40 handmade gifts in 40 days? Check out this one. Can’t wait to see what she does next…
Hey girl. Feminist theory flashcards with Ryan Gosling.  (via Amy Turn Sharp)
Tips for hanging art (for those of us who put at least five holes in the wall per picture).
More courageous writing. And living.
Also – remember this?  Well did you see THIS??  Tune in Wednesday for more on that…

Links I Love 11/14/11

Here are some of my favorites from the past week:
Projects with paint chips.
Why the Muppets need to host the Oscars (via Minky Moo).
Tips for crafting with kids. #1 on my list would be don’t use anything involving the word “adhesive” – but this list is pretty good too.
I love brave writing like this and this.  
On craving motherhood (and a super fun chocolate party). 
Peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat! Alternatively titled “This will haunt your dreams.” I’m sorry – I can’t help it. It’s like that VHS tape from The Ring. It just has to be passed on…
I totally think Stimey can change the world. And I’m going to help her. What about you?
Thanksgiving dinner for everyone!
Be back tomorrow with a story from that chocolate party…

Links I Love 11/7/11

Still trying to get this new site fixed up…those blank pages are giving me the fish eye…

But in the meantime – here are some great reads (and stuff) from the past week!

Autistic speakers have so much to teach us.
The big sister everyone wishes they had (found via Issa on Twitter – we need to tweet our favorite links more often)
A husband’s Holiday Planning Guide.
When the school system can fail you (special needs kids are on a WIDE spectrum). Look for some great advice in the comments.
Best group Halloween costumes
I want one of these laptop skins! Which one would you pick?
In honor of the “holiday special.”
That’s it for now. Tune in next – dare I say it? – MONDAY for more links! (Now it will for sure be a Thursday…)

A Guest Post and Links AND Happy Halloween!

On Saturday, Varda of The Squashed Bologna (a.k.a. @squashedmom) asked me to contribute to her Special Needs Siblings Saturday (SNSS) feature. This was more than an honor, and let me tell you – if you ever do guest post for Varda, she will make you feel like a celebrity in her introduction. Talk about VIP treatment!

Please come visit me there and leave a comment so she knows I have friends. And click on the button below to see more SNSS posts.


Thanks so much Varda!

I also found a number of links to share this week. Hope you enjoy them:

In Support of Anna! (Have you written something? Let me know.)
Utilizing the Power of Social Media
Tweet for Margaret
For Jack: Will You Help Us #LiftMargaret? (Also on Chicago Now)
Online Community Rallies for a Girl Who Lost Brother

So I’m not the only one who thinks being sick in bed sounds kind of great…
Silence of the Lambs masks for kids!
We all have different parenting styles – so why sweat (judge) the small stuff?
Too funny: “faking anger” with your kids to make a point (and yes – I totally do this)
Feeling sentimental about mess – I should try this…
A great reminder to be as intrusive as you want about what your kids are doing online.
Want to feature a home project or decor job? Tips for taking better room “interiors” pictures for your blog.

FINALLY – it’s Halloween today. And in spite of Saturday’s snow and the current toe-numbing temperature outside, we are very excited!

Have a fabulous night of fake gore and Disney princesses!

(Want to comment? Click the cake in the top left corner of this post – or just click HERE.)

Links I Love 10/24/11

Again on a Monday! Maybe the trick to having a weekly feature successfully post on a specific day is to NOT label it “Monday Links.” Either way – here they are:

These supportive posts from “Beliebers” warm my heart (have you written yours?)

Family history first hand.
A beautiful ferris wheel.
You never have to lose your creativity!
Remembering a grandmother (the second grandmother-related Just Write post on this list!) 
Now THAT’S diversity.
And if I already thought MY daughter’s Barbies looked whorish
PPD or just depression? What do labels matter, really?
Doesn’t everyone have a top ten for pet peeves about their spouse? Top 20?
I made this Kahlua cake and it was AMAZING.

Links I Love

I’ve decided not to label these posts “Monday Links” anymore. First, because I so rarely get my act together and post them on Monday and second, because of the implication that I post them EVERY Monday. So let’s go with nebulous: Links I Love.

And here they are – some links from the past month:

Help this family show their grieving daughter that good things can still happen.

I need to start living this quote.

I wish more people blogged like this…I wish I did.

This is an old one – from August – but I still think about it every day…

A true commentary on how “authentic” we are with our children

What is your Mt. Everest?

One of the best Project Runway recaps ever.

Also love these (are you reading them?)

Heartbreaking story of not liking a much loved sibling

I’m in love with these cabanas!

When grownups need to act their age (two stories about “hurt feelings”):

Insightful and inspiring thoughts on the Autism community.

How to make sure your kids are bad sleepers.

If it’s possible for hair to have fun – this is what it looks like.

Expect more of these every once in a while – but not on a Monday. Or maybe on a Monday. Who knows? I certainly don’t.