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Room Vignettes

Usually when I look at images of interiors, my favorite ones are of little corners. Side tables with a few cherished items, a flower arrangement doubled in the mirror behind it, a comfy reading chair with beautiful accent pillow…

Here are some room vignettes that caught have caught my eye over the past few months:

Have a wonderful weekend!

images via Drake Design, Sally Steponkus and Tobi Fairley

More Interiors in Art: Page H. Laughlin

Recently, both Table Tonic and coco+kelley featured the work of Page Laughlin. And I was captivated.

Laughlin “examines fantasies presented in popular magazines.” And the paintings are based on photographs from Architectural Digest, Nest and other high end publications.

I pulled the artist’s statement from website, because a paraphrased version would lose too much of the fascinating vision:

I am interested in illusions, in things not being quite what they seem. I am attracted to painting because it allows me to create an illusion and simultaneously reveal the means of its production. Oil painting’s wet viscosity allows for ongoing shifting of structure; it is does not have to be “either/or,” “on/off,” “0/1.” I prefer to use paint to maximize this characteristic – its ability to both make an image and revert to material.

In the subject matter of my paintings, things are often not quite what they seem: lovely interiors, on closer consideration, lead to disquieting seduction; wallpaper details, luscious statuary, give way to recognition of issues of power and subjugation. I try to make work that has beauty to attract and complexity to sustain observation.

I would LOVE to see an exhibition. The texture apparent in the images suggests a very three dimensional quality, and I can only imagine how the scenes would come to life when viewed from different angles.

When is the next issue of Lonny?

I’m really enjoying Lonny, everyone’s new favorite online magazine. But I think it needs to become monthly… Honestly – what are the editors doing in between months? Sitting around spending all that advertising money, I expect. I can’t imagine they’re working hard at all…

Seriously though – here are some of my favorite images from the Feb/Mar 2010 issue:

I also love these little idea boxes peppered throughout:

When does Apr/May come out? Fingers crossed for April…

Fromental Wallpapers

I am FAR behind in lining up posts for this week due to an outrageous amount of time I spent looking at Fromental wallpaper online yesterday.

I found this company via Brooke at Fabulous Doodles (a super fun fashion illustration blog if you are into that kind of thing – and if you’re here, I assume you are…) She raved about the display she saw at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show and I was intrigued.

So 24 hours and a Google reader exploding with 1000+ unread posts later… I thought I’d justify the time I spent on the Fromental website by inundating you with pretty pictures.

This London based company opened their doors in 2005 with a mission to “to create the world’s most beautiful wallpapers.” They call their hand-painted and embroidered designs “couture for your walls.”

I couldn’t agree more…

This Carousel design would be adorable for a Park Avenue nursery, don’t you think?

I don’t know which colorway I like best. But I’m in love with that zebra.

And now I guess I should go catch up on all of those unread posts in my reader…or feed the children or something… It’s Spring Break for Fairfax County public schools – and even with Oliver only going to half day preschool this year, it’s going to be a looooong week.

Sarah’s House

I have never seen this show. In fact, I didn’t know it existed until I saw a post about it on Design Ties last month.

Apparently, it’s an HGTV-Canada program in which “Sarah” and her designer partner Tommy do complete home renovations. So far, they’ve done two houses and one cottage.

Here are some pictures:

Season One

Season Two

The Cottage

Hmmm. I may need to start watching more HGTV. It might guilt me into attempting some DIY projects of my own…

New Online Magazine: Laura Day – Making Rooms for Living

I happened upon this “webazine” the other day and thought it was a really interesting take on online magazines. While it has some elements of traditional print magazines (features, advertisements, etc.) it is much easier to navigate as a website.

You may recognize Laura Day from TLC’s Trading Spaces. But her own NYC home, which is the focus of this first issue, is nothing like what we saw on that slap dash decorating show…

While I wouldn’t stay that her style mirrors my own, I do find her interiors very warm and innovative. And I like how much value she places on personal inspiration.

I LOVE the site index (looks like a color swatch):

My favorite feature was “The Closet” in which she takes one of her rooms and translates it into a travel wardrobe.

It will be interesting to see what comes next. And since it’s bi-monthly, we won’t have to wait long…