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Fashion Art in Decorating

Several months ago I read a great guest post from Anh-Minh on sfgirlbybay. It included some lovely images of fashion sketches as art.

In her work for an article on secondhand shopping, she discovered some original 1970s fashion sketches. Once framed, these inexpensive pieces created a very unique and charming display:

She then found images of other fashion sketch displays that I love:

I’ve got soooo many “pretty things” that I’d like to display and I would add fashion sketches in an instant.

One of these days, I’ll have a little room for myself (an office perhaps) and one wall will be dedicated to the treasures I’ve collected over the years. The ones deemed too girly for shared space with my husband, that is (which is pretty much all space – though in his defense I’ve gotten away with a lot of girly stuff!)

So I’m now on the lookout for some fashion art to add to my stash…

Fifi Flowers

Recently my friend Kristin of BonBon Rose wrote about some of her favorite note paper, and the first image was from Fifi Flowers.

I wrote about Fifi Flowers in one of my very first (and favorite) Wishing True posts, and Kristin reminded me of that lovely shop.

When I clicked on the link, this is the image that I saw first:

I just love that. So of course, I had to scroll through the blog to see more:

I think that I found Fifi Flowers back when I wasn’t using a reader – but I’ve added the blog it to my daily reads.

See more Parisian pretties HERE.

A is For Apple, Decidedly Black

I just came across this adorable little alphabet print by Emily of Inside a Black Apple.

And here is an image of what it would look like in a traditional frame. Even Adorabler!

I have always loved alphabet books, rhymes and pictures, and Emily’s whimsical little figures are just perfect for an alphabet sampler. I have to admit though, I’m not quite sure what L and Z are… Any ideas?*It’s no secret that I like pretty things, dolls, and all things girly – so of course my favorite alphabet rhyming book of all time is A is for Annabelle by Tasha Tudor. I was even able to find a few images online:

But I’m also drawn to quirky, pithy and sometimes rather dark humor. So another favorite dactylic (yes, I had to look that up) pentameter rendition is The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gory.

This one is not for the weak of heart. I generally fall into that category, but there is enough irony and, well…cuteness involved that I can’t help but smile.Here are a two of my favorite rhymes (the entire book can be viewed here):

Although I must say that my namesake met one of the more grisly ends…

I imagine that Emily loves the Tinies as well – but I’m not sure what she’d make of my treasured Annabelle…I would guess that she’d love the doll but would probably whip up some stripey caps and jazz up her wardrobe a bit… Maybe give her a little ghost for a pal. Or a narwhal… Anything is possible Inside a Black Apple.

*UPDATE: Emily informed me that L is for “lace” and Z is for “Zorro.” Aha!