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I Want to Be Her!

Or at least I would like to be the one who came up with this idea…

(visit the site to see larger/clearer images – this is as big I can get them)

I want to be her!
is a blog written by Andrea Linett, co-founder/former creative director of Lucky Magazine and current creative director of eBay Fashion AND illustrated by fashion designer Anne Johnston Albert.

Andrea says that she sees women whom she “wants to be” all the time. And a few times a week, she and Anne capture them, their style and some of their vital stats through illustrations or photography. The graphics are paired with captions and links to their fashion sources.


Here are some more “hers” to be (again – my images aren’t that big, so go to the blog for a better view!):

See more HERE!

Sandra Suy Illustrations

I love these illustrations by Barcelona artist Sandra Suy. The combination of both bold and light, ethereal lines creates really interesting movement and emotion.

She claims to “love drawing people, especially beautiful women with beautiful dresses.” As a fashion illustrator, she gets to do both. But these images convey so much more than fine feathers on models. They have personality, intrigue and an old world glamor that goes beyond the two dimensional page.

See more of her work on on her website and in her (yeah!) Etsy shop.

Julia Denos and Audrey Hepburn

Have you heard about the children’s book, Just Being Audrey?

I looked up the illustrator, Julia Denos and I LOVE her work. Just those few images really capture the character and spirit of the iconic film star.

Apparently the book follows her life from Nazi-occupied Europe through her years as an Ambassador for UNICEF.

I would love to buy this book for my own little girl (okay – it would really be for me). And I fully intend to keep an eye out for more Julia Denos illustrations. First step? Follow her blog, The Cinnamon Rabbit.

I’m skipping town early for a long weekend in sunny (or apparently rainy) AZ. So I’ll see you next week!

Needful Things: Gadabout Note Cards

Months ago, I put the Gadabout link in my “check it out” list and I’m only just, well, checking it out.

In one of those “finally – someone who gets me” moments, I found myself pouring over every lovely illustration on the site (didn’t let myself click on the blog tab for fear of losing all sense of time).

I have often talked about my love of treasured things reflected in art form, and the Gadabout stationery line wholly embodies this predilection. Each illustration is a little gem of rich detail conveyed through simple elegance. I wouldn’t even know which one to choose… But here are a few of my favorites:

Okay – so that was more than a few. But seriously – how can you possibly just pick one!? Add this to the wish list…as well as the list of reasons that I should have worked harder on my penmanship back in grade school…

Needful Things: A Life of Style by Rebecca Moses

I recently read about designer Rebecca Moses’ new book, A Life of Style – and I really think I must have it. Illustrated with fanciful watercolors, A Life of Style provides inspiration and practical advice for developing your own personal style through eschewing rules and appreciating style constants.

Here are some images I was able to grab online (via Dining and Decor and Amazon.com – not the best resolution…but really the best I could find):

I would love to read the rest, but more than that, I want to own this colorful gem. Beautifully illustrated books are a weakness of mine. Getting her signature in it as well? That would be heaven for me.

Open the Shutters via Fifi Flowers

One thing I love about Fifi Flowers is that the site is so much more than just a showcase for the work. The lovely, whimsical illustrations are still the focal point, but I find just as many wonderful design photos that make their way into my file.

I was particularly taken with the series of turquoise shutters in France featured in a recent post:

Then of course, we’re treated to some Fifi interiors inspired by the photography:

Love it!