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AND there are two more…

I was so quick to post the Furbish giveaway links that I didn’t poke around on High Gloss and see the others. Click on the images for direct links!

Do You Want to Win…

…any of the items above? Visit High Gloss to see the fab Furbish giveaway! Not familiar with Furbish? Here are some of my current favorites: See more HERE.

Want to Win This?

I do! Visit BonBon Rose Girls for more details on how to enter (giveaway ends today at midnight!)

Want to Win a Kate Spade Ring?

I DO! Check out the giveaway at BonBon Rose Girls HERE.

The Cutest Little Bee and a Giveaway

I just saw the most adorable painting by Lara Harris: This little 6×6 painting is only $49 and still available on Etsy. I think it would be perfect for a nursery. My other favorite was this arrangement of feathers (which has sadly sold since I first spotted it): But Lara is all about commission work…

Sweet Giveaway on Reverie Daydream!

In honor of her birthday month (which is also mine!), sweet Mel of Reverie Daydream is giving away this wonderful set of handmade and signed French Patisserie note cards from her shop: I have a good feeling about winning this one… But you may as well enter too, you know – just in case. Speaking…

Brooch Baubles

Yesterday I posted some hats from Tissage that make me feel like I was born in the wrong era (admit it – you know this feeling – at some point during your childhood you wanted to be Anne of Green Gables or Laura Ingalls…) Another speciality of Tissage is the necklace with a vintage brooch…

Want to win this?

I do. Visit La Dolce Vita to see how.

Reverie-Daydream Giveaway

Reverie-Daydream is celebrating their 100th blog post with a fabulous giveaway! The lucky winner will chose one out of four items (all from their lovely boutique). For further details about how to enter, visit Reverie-Daydream.

Aunty Ollie $100 Gift Card on Grosgrain!

I adore Grosgrain. Kathleen Dougherty designs and sews some of the loveliest dresses I’ve ever seen – for both herself and her daughter. And she has so many amazing giveaways for these pieces (sadly – I am probably one size to large to fit into her dresses – so I could never wear them even…

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