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Wish List for July 16, 2012

Feeling pink and gold today…

Inspired by this blazer/jacket I think:

And isn’t it great with that Anthro necklace? I’ve been a longtime reader (i.e. lurker) of Erin Gates’ blog, Elements of Style. And she has recently teamed up with a friend to start a line of blazers. The label is Two Penny Blue, and the styles are super cute. But really – this one is the stand out. Very unique – wish it came in other colors!

For a dash of gold, how about this cuff bracelet from Pondicherry?

Excellent price for something that looks far more expensive. I would wear it with everything!

Back to pink… I love this painting of pink cosmos:

Kelley MacDonald is one of several artists I follow who blog regularly about their work. I’ve been a fan for a while (in fact – I’ve posted about her before!)

And finally – something that I will forever kick myself for not buying at a private show last year…

A good friend saw a post I wrote about Jill Rosenwald’s ceramics and invited me to join her at a special showing that takes place every year in DC (which takes place at the home of one of Jill’s friends – who is a friend of my friend – SMALL world!) The timing was perfect – but I ultimately didn’t buy anything. Worries about money and that kind of thing… And I so regret it. Maybe next time.

This is a wish list after all…

Until next time!

Wish List for July 3, 2012

As you may have seen on The Big Piece of Cake last week, things were a little hectic and not very blogging-friendly. But I found several lovely home accessories that I thought I’d feature here today.

And the best thing about them is that they are affordable! So much of what catches my eye online would require some saving (at least for me!) So the fact that a few of the bright shiny objects I encountered offered maximum effect for minimal dollar signs seemed like an obvious “Wish List” theme. These aren’t just finds, they are DEALS.

So first up – this pretty Blue Q lantern that I spotted on Sneakpeek.

At a whopping $10, this little beauty is 13 3/4″ in diameter and would be perfect for livening up a drab corner. There are many options to choose from – all very fun and whimsical. Probably just a tad to contemporary for my current decor – but I could possibly use it in a bedroom. I have a thing for lanterns – and it’s a crime that I have never actually owned any!

Note: You would have to purchase a cord kit separately, but what did you expect for $10?

Next up is a simple striped throw blanket from IKEA.

Just $19.99, this black and white stripe is timeless. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in any other colors. But I do love stripes and you can’t really go wrong with this one.

Next – have you ever purchased paper products from Minted? I recently saw that they also sell limited edition art prints. Like this sweet little chair (more stripes!)

I couldn’t get a large enough image so I had to cobble four of the colorways together. Guess they don’t want people grabbing high res images and printing their own? Smart – but not very convenient for my blogging purposes… Now that I think of it though, an assortment framed together could be cute. (They start at $40).

Also love this beach chair print.

Last on the list today, pink pillows:

So bright and cheerful. These 16″ x 18″ pillow covers from The Pillow People are $28 for a set of two. Tons of other colors and patterns can be found in this Etsy shop – you can cover your couch!

Well – that’s it for today. Wishing you a fantastic Fourth of July celebration tomorrow! And for the non-U.S. readers…have a great Wednesday!