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Boughs of Folly


  The holidays are all about extremes. Peace on earth! Goodwill to men! Black Friday mobs! Road Rage over hour-long back ups! But that’s life, right? Every high is balanced by a low. And over the holidays, I combine the two like that last cocktail you didn’t really need…shaken or stirred…mixed or mingled…blended or beaten…

Baby It’s Cold Outside


  Chris and I are total dorks. But we thought this was funny. Introducing the song stylings of CHARLIE, our elf on the shelf (who knew he was such a lounge lizard?) and ME. Happy Christmahanukwanzaakah! (visit Neil at Citizen of the Month for the full concert!)

Holiday Weekend


First – a PSA on behalf of all holiday novelty items that relatives may consider sending to our children: “Don’t. Please.” I like to call this picture “The Island of Misfit Christmas Decor Characters” Pictured: Hallmark Snowman (unmasked to reveal that he’s really a robot), Nutcracker ornament with a broken head, one-armed Dancing Santa and nose-less Frosty the…



Happy Holidays to you! (see below for update) A long time ago, my friend Nancy and I offered to make desserts for a holiday party we were attending. She suggested that we use a cookie recipe she got from the Italian grandmother of one of her childhood friends. We made the cookies, and then life…

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