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Guest Post from Kate Coveny, Age Nine


*Don’t forget to enter my jewelry giveaway from Lisa Leonard Designs! Click here for details. My friend Jozette of Regardez Moi was supposed to guest post this week, but she had to postpone due to a busy weekend and an unexpected business trip (translation: she was too drunk/hung over this weekend and is using a…

Six Things a Woman Should Know About Herself


I’d like to welcome Anastasia from The Gift as my second virtual dinner party guest poster. See my last guest post from Kacy if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Anastasia started a blog this summer with a promise to heself to write every day. While she didn’t start out with a specific…

The Way We Were


Several weeks ago, I posted a list of bloggers that I would like to invite to a virtual dinner party. Then I came up with the genius idea of asking them all to guest post for me. I mean – great content that I don’t have to write myself? It’s a win win. Well maybe…

Should US Citizens Support Olympic Events Held in a Country Whose Policies They Oppose?


I’d like to welcome Christopher Hood (my husband) who has agreed to write a guest post regarding the 2008 Summer Olympics in China. Chris does not have a blog – just some strong convictions on the subject. After a conversation we had yesterday, I asked if he would be interested in writing on the subject….

Greetings from Beijing!


I wish! No – that’s a picture of me from a business trip I took about four years ago. I obviously didn’t have the best camera (awful resolution) – so I have to rely on my memories for the details. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever taken, and I only wish I…

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