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Guest Post: Averill from Odi et Amo

I’m on vacation this week and asked a few friends to fill in for me. Today’s guest is Averill from Odi et Amo. I found Odi et Amo through my good friend Christy of A Lil’ Welsh Rarebit. She had been telling me for months that I needed to check out her Averill’s design blog, and once I did, I couldn’t believe it took me so long. She has such a great eye and everything she writes is so well thought out and researched. Her blog offers far more than just eye candy, and I’m so happy she agreed to fill in for me today!

Welcome Averill!

{Sea Island, Georgia}

Hi! I’m Averill from Odi et Amo and I’m thrilled to be guest blogging today for Kate here at Wishing True while she’s away on vacation. (Of which I am very envious.) With summer in full swing, I’ve transitioned into full on vacation-mode. Since I already took my summer trip in early June (Note to self: next summer, be sure to schedule trip for later in July or August to avoid the summer blues of having taken your trip far too early), I’m resigned to daydreaming about beautiful beaches, idyllic coastal towns and (of course) beautiful and idyllic coastal cottages. Please join me as I indulge in a little virtual vacation to Sea Island, Georgia, and to a gorgeous family vacation home designed by Jim Howard (husband to one of my favorite designers, Phoebe Howard).

The formal living room is striking and elegant, but not fussy thanks to a bare floor, plenty of texture and that fabulous wall color (Benjamin Moore‘s Shenendoah). The pops of fuchsia flowers and throw effortlessly create visual contrast and a sense of fun.

The custom balustrade (designed by Jim Howard, who is an architect by training) is whimsical, but still elegant. The undulating shape of the wrought iron mimics the waves outside the door.

The casual, two-story den is where I imagine the family spends most of their time (when they aren’t outside enjoying the beaches or golf courses, that is). The color palette from the living room is brought in here as well, but dressed down further with wicker furniture, bamboo blinds and plush upholstery.

The dining room is perfectly suited for large, casual family dinners. The linen-upholstered walls are elegant, but dressed down and look beautiful with the gilt sunburst mirrors and antique oak sawhorse table.

The Vitruvian scroll molding in the dining room is a more overt reference to the ocean. It’s absolutely beautiful, isn’t it? Good design is so often about the small details.

I love the open, airy feel of this kitchen. While I’m a huge fan of color, I can always appreciate a predominately white kitchen. The stained island provides contrast and brings out the golden tones in the marble countertop. The valence adds the sole hit of pattern.

I’m also a fan of white bathrooms, especially with more traditional fittings and tile. And that scalloped pendant by Barbara Barry has been on my wish list for years now.

I love the crisp canopy of this bedroom: it reminds me so much of an outdoor awning or umbrella. The bench’s double row of nailheads is an elegant spot to put your flip flops on in the morning. The layers of blue in this room are also beautiful, from the softer wallcolor (BM’s pearl gray) to the more vivid, intense teals of the bench seat and gourd lamp.

The distressed-oak ceiling is the real star of the master bedroom, and the tall canopy bed only serves to further bring focus to it. Gauzy white sheers puddle around the canopy, reminiscent of mosquito netting and enhancing the tropical vibe. The steely blue carpet grounds the space and injects a bit of color into the otherwise neutral room. A pair of x-benches are a great way to finish off a bedroom and work in just about any interior.
I hope you enjoyed our all-too-brief virtual vacation to this stunning Sea Island home. Thanks again Kate for inviting me to guest post — it’s been fun!
All images courtesy of House Beautiful.

Guest Post: Karen from I Don’t Think Prada is the Answer They’re Looking For…

I’m on vacation this week and asked a few friends to fill in for me. Today’s guest is Karen from I Don’t Think Prada is the Answer They’re Looking For… I’m not sure where I first found her…but I do know that I loved the name of her blog (even if I didn’t immediatly recognize The OC quote). Karen is a “real” interior design professional and she always calls me on my uneducated criticisms of other real designers. Love that – thanks for keepin’ it real, Karen. Plus she’s funny and finds good stuff on YouTube, including clips for great shows I might have missed due to an already full television viewing schedule. I owe my love affair with Modern Family to Karen…don’t know what I’d do without her.

Welcome Karen!

Hello Wishing True readers! My name is Karen and I was thrilled when Kate asked me to fill in on Wishing True while she took a well-deserved break! I racked my brain for what would be a fun topic to discuss with her design-savvy readers — decided to stay away from any discussions of Twilight, the World Cup, or Beiber fever, hope you don’t mind — and really, it comes down to two topics: shopping (especially virtual shopping!) and design.

Have you ever noticed that designers or celebrities will have really great home accessories, like an antique vase or a collection of mercury glass, and they’ll casually mention they got it at a flea market in Paris, or they picked it up during an impromptu trip to Morocco? Who does things like this? I don’t know about you, but the flea markets near my house don’t have 19th century crystal chandeliers for $60. Some of us have to be resourceful in regions with more Costco’s than shops spelled like ‘shoppe’. And while my day job as an Interior Designer gives me access to wonderful high end accessories, my real life attempts to decorate my apartment (plus a friend or two!) has sharpened my shopping skills on a real life budget. So if you’re thinking about freshening up your home on a budget, here’s a list of places to check out first …

1) Home Goods (or Marshall’s or TJ Maxx)
Here’s the thing about Home Goods: you have to be in the mood to sift through alot of junk to find your treasure. But it’s worth it, and many designers and home stagers don’t want the secret to get out. In addition to accessories like vases or bookends, you can also find great linens, mirrors and lamps for less than department stores.

2) 20 x 200
Finding art for an ‘average’ person’s home can be depressing at times … like when that $99 Art Show rolls into your local convention center, shilling oil paintings of fruit baskets. Or those giant black and white posters of a random dock on a lake from Ikea. 20 x 200 is a nice alternative: it features art starting at $20! So whether your thing is kites, big yellow taxis, or a vintage-ish beach scene, they’ve got you covered without dipping into your savings.

3) Etsy
You can find anything under the sun in Etsy’s stores, and support small business, too! Talk about a win-win situation. My favorite Etsy shops include Katie Armour Home – a great place to score milk glass – and littlebrownpen, who’s got adorable photos of Paris.

4) West Elm, CB2 & Z Gallerie
Although it’s a bit of cliched HGTV advice, changing out throw pillows or adding an object to your bookcase really can make a big impact with a small amount of cash. Profiles are both current and classic (although this is also screaming for DIY if you’re crafty!) and this blue vase is the perfect summery accent!

Many thanks to Kate for inviting me to stop by! And if you have a favorite place to shop for inexpensive treasures, share them in the comments!

Guest Post: Robin from Around the Island

I’m on vacation this week and asked a few friends to fill in for me. Today’s guest is Robin from Around the Island Photography. We first met through our personal blogs (she originally started writing at Around the Island), and I’ve so enjoyed watching her photography business take off. I love it when people turn a hobby into a career – so inspiring. And I’m thrilled that she was able to do today’s guest post. She always reminds me to look for beauty in unexpected places.

Welcome (AND Happy Birthday!) Robin!

As a photographer and avid travel nut most of my consumerist fantasies tend to revolve around either travel or camera equipment – or better yet – new equipment to be used in some fabulously exotic location – but when reality sets back in again (no, we won’t be jetting off to Tahiti or Bali this year, or for that matter next year or the year after, unless my very fiscally conservative economist husband is secretly buying masses of lottery tickets without telling me – not very likely) I like to refocus and reframe a bit, reminding myself that to find joy and beauty and wonder, all I need to do is to look around me.

It’s in my child’s smile, or in the perfect petals of a single flower, or in the flight of a parrot as it wings its way by my kitchen window. It’s even better when I have my camera at hand and can quickly capture this fleeting vision to save and savor another day, bringing a smile and a feeling of peace on a day that I need them most.

The ability to share the beauty I see all around me is the driving force behind Around the Island Photography, my online store. Beauty and joy grow best when they are shared, not hidden away. My camera gives me the chance to capture and create this beauty, and then to offer it to you to bring into your own home so that it can bring a smile to your face as well.

It can be simple

It can be dramatic

It can be serene

It can even transport you to faraway lands

So what says beauty to you? How do you bring it into your home and your life?

Guest Post: Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls

I’m on vacation this week and asked a few friends to fill in for me. Today’s guest is Kristin from BonBon Rose Girls. Kristin and her partner in crime, Megan write daily about their two passions: interior design for Megan and fashion for Kristin. If you’re ever feeling the blahs, drop by their site for a large dose of fun, enthusiasm and eye candy. Never a dull moment with the BonBon Rose Girls

Welcome Kristin!

Hello lovelies, I’m so excited to be filling in here on Wishing True! What I adore about this blog is that I can always count on finding an abundance of pretty! I can expect the same from Tory Burch. Every so often, I become obsessed with a designer and pretty much want everything that he or she puts out…not that I can actually make that a reality. HA! Right now Tory Burch is speaking to this fashion luvah’s soul! Already a fan favorite with the preppy set, ahem Revas,

Ms. Burch is appealing to the non preppy side of my fashion personality as well. Here are some pieces I’m currently lusting over…

I’m dreaming of pairing this gold embellished tee with a pair of leather skinnies and killer stilettos!

Tie dyed leather? Be still my heart!

Aviator sunnies just got so much cooler!

And the piece de resistance…a gorgeous cocktail frock. Could you just die??? I’m currently trying to resist the urge to purchase it for a wedding I’ll be attending soon. Le sigh.

So tell me lovelies…Is Tory doing for you what she’s doing for me these days?

All images via Bloomingdale’s

Guest Post: Mariska Meijers

I’m on vacation this week and asked a few friends to fill in for me. Today’s guest is Mariska Meijers, an Amsterdam based artist and designer whom I’ve written about before. She’s living my fantasy life (or at least one of them), painting, designing and even writing in her blog, I Used to be Snow White But I Drifted. So you can just imagine how thrilled I am to have her here as my guest. I truly am.

Welcome Mariska!

I felt honoured when Kate asked me to do a guest post on her blog. It is my first one and therefore quite an adventure not having the comfort of my own stage!

The title Wishing True fits me like a glove as not so long ago this former corporate girl was still wishing to be an artist/designer and today it is true!

But back to Kate. She is a busy girl. I do not know how she juggles all three(!) blogs and her full family & social schedule. So respectfully I say this one is for you Kate, and thank you for asking me!

Describing Wishing True, Kate says it is her “pretty things blog” so I decided to rummage through my paper files and select some images that inspire me. Some are already a few years old so forgive me if I can not always recall its source. For me the connection between the pictures is that they all represent warm eclectic interiors with great use of colours and each having their own personality.

Flamboyant interiors of French stylist, designer and decorator, Philippe Model

Living room of fashion designer, Nanette Lepore

Dutch interior of Arno Verhoeven and Jaap Eckardt

Source unknown

Wishing you all an inspiring day!