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More Holiday Cheer

I just heard from my friend Lindsey of GreatFull Day that she’s added holiday cards to her fine art photography shop on Etsy. How cute are these little guys?

Each of the eight cards measure 5.5″ x 8.5″, and come with white envelopes. The front of the card reads “Wishing you joy” and the inside says “And a very merry Christmas” (so it is holiday specific). She can also do bigger orders upon request. My kids would especially love these.

2010 Christmas Card from Annechovie

I have a ton of catch up to do in my design blog reading. But I do keep my friend Anne’s site at the top of my reader, and just saw the recent post about her new Christmas card!

She produces a different card each year, and this one is just as a lovely as the last two. I don’t care much for in your face holiday images of snow covered villages (particularly since half my mail list features zip codes for warm climates). So Anne’s subtle watercolors are right up my ally.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas – two of the cards can do “holiday” just as well (blank inside and no nativity scenes or Santa coming down the chimney, you know). And best of all, she offers the option of custom printing a personalized message.

Visit her Etsy shop for full details.

Greeting Card Art

Do you ever get a card so beautiful that you want to frame it? Have you ever actually done it?

I often save cards. Not the Hallmark kind though.

No – I mean those lovely hand made or hand made-looking ones that rarely cost less than $5.

I’d like to think that I will eventually frame all of them to create a display of “minis.” I may even buy some specifically for this purpose -I stumble across at least one per day as I browse through my favorite eye candy sites.

Here are some printed cards from a couple of my favorite artists that would definitely make the cut:

1 & 2 from Anne Harwell – she also has a wonderful blog, Annechovie.
3 & 4 from Janet Hill – she features all of her paintings on her blog, The Evening Picture. I had the honor of interviewing her last fall.Even if you don’t think you have “an eye” for this kind of thing, you could just pick a few images from the same artist creating instant cohesion. How about these three (Chris Chun via Little French Nest):

Okay – so my taste runs a tad bit girly… But you get the idea. Really anything works as long as it suits you and your own aesthetic. Even if that includes Ziggy (although I’d mix that one up with some other images to avoid looking a little too Ziggy-obsessed…maybe some Snoopy…a little Garfield even?)