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LTYM 2014 Videos Are Now Online!


The 2014 LTYM videos are finally here! This year’s DC show was fantastic and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with everyone who couldn’t be in the audience on May 4. I would LOVE for you to watch our show (and the other LTYM shows held across the country) – which can be…

The Care and Keeping of Magic


  While my blog has been broken forever (or at least since February) some headway seems to have been made on fixing the font issues. Still can’t see images (hence no “They Coulda’ Been Great” monthly posts – expect a monster one as soon as everything is back to normal) – but that’s not required…

Turn Signals


  *I read this at DC’s Listen to Your Mother Show, Sunday, April 28. Thought I’d post it here for friends and family who couldn’t come. Since I wrote it for the performance, it may not translate as well on the (virtual) page…but the videos will be online later this summer! My mother once told…

The Good in Goodbye


I went to a funeral last Friday. And I’ve been thinking a lot about it over the past week. About all funerals, really. What is it that they say about funerals? That they’re for the living? It makes sense. Only the living would really need a funeral. Because it offers a means of saying goodbye….

Why I Would Be The First to Die in a Horror Movie


Do you ever wonder how you’d fare if a serial killer, back from the dead showed up in your living room one evening? What if your camping trip became less “peaceful night under the stars” and more “race for your life through the woods?” Would you be more likely to run or hide? Do you…

Good Omens


The other day, I burst into tears while apologizing to another mother at the pool. This was as much of a surprise for me as it was for her. While I do cry on occasion, it’s generally the result of frustration or hurt feelings – and almost exclusively reserved for my husband in the privacy…

You Still Have Me


The other day, my friend confirmed a recent suspicion of mine: the fireflies I remember so vividly from my childhood are gone. I close my eyes and think back to summer nights that started after 8:00 p.m. The flashes would begin at dusk – just intermittent winks of light. I’d catch the tail end of…

I’m Shy Every Day


There is a little girl in the twins’ preschool class who takes my breath away with her familiarity. A solemn eyed four year old who simultaneously charms me and breaks my heart. Because she reminds me so much of myself. Amy is very quiet. And when I’m working there, manning a craft table, it seems there are…



It’s a loaded word. And we use it all the time in so many different ways… “How could I be so stupid?…then the stupid coffee maker broke…don’t say stupid honey, it’s not nice…don’t be stupid, of course I’ll help with…that stupid dog was barking all night…please don’t say stupid sweetie, it hurts feelings…” I’ve tried explaining that it’s…

Make Mine A Double.


This is a repost of something I wrote a few months after starting this blog. In honor of my twins’ birthday, I shared their birth story – which started with a trip to the hair salon and ended with my husband almost passing out. I think it’s a good one. So here it is again….

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