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Chinoiserie on the Runway

Have you seen my header? My button? Have you read my posts about beautiful Chinoiserie inspired ceramics? Embroidery? ART depicting the two?

Well if so, you can only imagine my need for smelling salts when I happened upon these images from Miss Moss:

When she saw Mary Katrantzou’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, she was inspired to actually pull the additional images from online auction catalogs! (If you want links to these – drop by the original post – I started to include them, but I’d rather send you her way.)

First of all – I’m completely blown away by Diana’s ability to find and create these gorgeous matches. I wonder how much time it took… That post in and of itself provides enough eye candy to keep me satisfied for a week.

As far as the fashion goes – I wasn’t familiar with this designer, but she apparently wowed at last season’s fashion week in London. And after seeing THAT collection, I’ve decided that it deserves its own post. Look for that tomorrow.

I Want to Be Her!

Or at least I would like to be the one who came up with this idea…

(visit the site to see larger/clearer images – this is as big I can get them)

I want to be her!
is a blog written by Andrea Linett, co-founder/former creative director of Lucky Magazine and current creative director of eBay Fashion AND illustrated by fashion designer Anne Johnston Albert.

Andrea says that she sees women whom she “wants to be” all the time. And a few times a week, she and Anne capture them, their style and some of their vital stats through illustrations or photography. The graphics are paired with captions and links to their fashion sources.


Here are some more “hers” to be (again – my images aren’t that big, so go to the blog for a better view!):

See more HERE!

BHLDN Unveiled

Have you checked out the new BHLDN bridal line (via Anthropologie) yet?

Pretty, pretty, pretty…

The gowns are heavy on detail and full of whimsical charm…

…the shoes give a pronounced nod to vintage…

…and the accessories make you want to play dress up.

Moderate prices (for bridal, I mean) are an added plus. See more HERE!

Good Friends, Great Publicity

I was thrilled to see not one, not two, but THREE pictures of women wearing Romona Keveza at the Golden Globes!

I have known her since I was a little girl. And I wore one of her dresses on my wedding day. I couldn’t be more proud of our dear family friend. Know anyone getting married? Her bridal gowns are to die for!

Ringing in the New…

A little late to start a new year of blogging here at Wishing True… But better late than never. And what better post to start with than some pictures of new things created from old things.

I love the idea taking something that may be considered junk and reinventing it. Things made from reclaimed materials are very in right now (and ironically, often very expensive). A small dent in filling our carbon footprints – but a noble endeavor nonetheless.

Here are some new/old things from Eco1stArt.com:





See more images new/old stuff at Eco1stArt.com and on their blog.

2 Monkees Belt Buckles

My husband has a thing for belt buckles and has put together something of a collection over the years. A few are really very nice and others are really pretty awful – but he loves all of them.

It’s been a long time since I’ve paid much attention to belts (possibly the three years of pregnancy?), but if I was going to invest in something right now it would definitely be one of these gems from 2 Monkees:

Throw a pretty textile into the mix and you’ve already got my attention. I think these are unique, fun and would look great with jeans and cowboy boots.

For the lady who’s not much into jewelry but does like to personalize her look with accessories, this could be a nice gift option.

Jules Reid Fall/Winter 2010

I saw this image a while ago and I keep coming back to it…

There is something about this dress that I find utterly charming. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite as taken with the rest of Jules Reid Fall/Winter collection. It was lovely and vibrant and an interesting mix of modern and vintage style…but something about it felt a bit over the top to me.

BUT I think I know what it is. It’s the model. Her look is so soft and her hair is so loose and wavy. In my mind the styling should have been a little more stark and modern. A dark haired girl with a short blunt cut would have better set off the jewel bright colors and flowing lines of the clothes. I’m picturing a Gloria Vanderbilt type – possibly a nod to the sophisticated 40’s style.

But seriously, what do I know? What do you think?

I’m taking a bit of a break for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I’ll see you next week!