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Sharyn Blond Linens

I came across this linens shop website recently (sadly I can’t remember where I saw it…) and I wish it was in DC instead of Kansas City.

Shayn Blond, has a wonderful eye. Her selection ranges from traditional to whimsical, but never strays from her obvious good taste. Apparently she is a bit of an expert on fine china, crystal and silver (these are a few of my FAVorite things…la-la-la-la…). Which is clear to me from the styling of her website images.

Love these. (See the Imari plate in the first one? That was almost my china pattern!)

View more HERE.

Tara Badcock Embroidery

I just love Tara Badcock’s work. She’s a textiles artist based in Tasmania, Australia, well known for her beautiful, detailed free-style and hand embroidery:

She has an Etsy shop, and you can also buy some products online at Georgie Love. Read more about this artist and her work on her blog, The Teacozy Revolution, her Flickr photstream, and her website (currently under construction), paristasmania.com.

Love Toile?

Everyone should. Mainly because it is available in so many incarnations now. From the traditional…

to the whimsical…

…by now, there is just has to be a toile to suit every design aesthetic.

The two part series on Design Sponge introduced me to the work of artist Richard Saja, and I’m utterly charmed by his embroidery work with toile:

At first glance it just looks embellished, but upon closer inspection, there are some rather unusual details… It makes you really look at the fabric as an image – not a pattern. Toile by it’s nature tells a story – and this work provides an wonderfully irreverent perspective.

For any other toile lovers (or potential admirers), I highly suggest reading Part 1 and Part 2 of the Design Sponge series. So interesting…and pretty. And I’m all about pretty here at Wishing True…

Images via Design Sponge and Historically Inaccurate.