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Stencils Have Come a Long Way Since the ’80s…

Remember how cool stencils were in the ’80s? I had many a room border in my life back then… Just a little Lucite, an exacto knife, up to three paint colors and voila! Who needs wallpaper?

It’s amazing what people are doing with stencils now. There are tons of kits and “how to” sites out there, and the designs are SO much more sophisticated and polished than the old nod to Amish cut outs. Not that those don’t have their charm…but there are so many modern takes on stencil painting in design.

I recently saw a perfect example on Annechovie. The creations below were done with her friend Sunny Goode’s stencils.

More images, products and How To advice can be found on Sunny’s blog and in her shop.

DIY Dreaming…

I don’t know about you, but I saw this and immediatly felt the need to paint my bedroom.

Nicole from Making It Lovely recently posted a detailed guide to DIY painting. And I’ve been thinking that it’s time to step up my DIY efforts…so this might be a good place to start! (By the way – did you read the caption? I can only aspire to that level of DIY expertise…)

We moved into our house three and a half years ago, right before my twins were born. While we were able to get most of the rooms painted (via professionals this time – I mean, give us a break – with an 17 month old running around and twins ready to be born at any minute, we needed help!)

The master bedroom didn’t quite make the cut. So I have been looking at dreary bone white walls for years now.

I think a complete bedroom makeover may be in order. And the first project will be updating a couple of boring white lamps and repairing and painting the rickety side tables. But painting the walls is high on my list of musts, so I’m holding onto this article.

I totally think I can do it myself. We’ll see…