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A Lasting Impression

I saw this image the other day (sorry – can’t remember where):

…and I immediately grabbed a link to Timothy Whealon Interiors.

As I clicked through his portfolio images, I was struck by the subtle elegance of his work. Sure – he had plenty of brighter palettes for different clients, but it seemed like each project had traces of this timeless style and taste:

These spaces manage to be current without the risk of looking dated in a few years. I would never say his work is “traditional” but it’s so far from trendy that it would appeal to any old money maven’s design sensibilities.

With the exception of some accessorizing, these unique designs have some serious staying power. Of course, the people who can afford this level of professional decorating typically redecorate every few years…but if the market crashes again, they’re set for at least double that!

IN BLOOM by Mariska Meijers

Do you remember the post I wrote about Mariska Meijers back in March? She’s an artist in Amsterdam who charmed me with her paintings of interiors, like this one:

In addition to her paintings, Mariska also has a designer pillow line.

IN BLOOM is her first pillow collection inspired by a tropical garden she once had in Singapore.

It’s like displaying a painting on a chair. I think they would work equally well in brightly painted and wallpapered rooms and those that are more subdued. In one they would contribute to the vibrant aesthetic and in the other they could add a splash of color and interest.

You can purchase these in her online shop, but U.S. residents can also use interdecorations.com.

Love the look but prefer something to hang on the wall? What about a print? Or if you’re not able to commit to the expense right now, you could always frame some of her note cards or greeting cards as miniatures.

See more on Mariska via her blog, I Used to be Snow White but I Drifted.

BonBon Rose Girls and Lime in a Coconut

As you may know, Mom and Dad are away until next week, so I lined up some guests over at Style Key West this week. Tuesday we saw how Megan of BonBon Rose Girls keeps her inner Florida girl alive in her home décor…

…and yesterday we featured the the lush inspirational images of of Linda from Lime in a Coconut:

Stop by and say hello!

A Bee’s Nursery

I was just perusing the new issue of Nesting Newbies, a cute online magazine, and I found myself doing a double take.

There on pages 142-149 was Melisa’s nursery! Or more accurately, her daughter, Devon’s nursery. Melisa of the lil bee fame, won possibly one of the best giveaway prizes in the history of blog…um…giveaway prizes. Free interior decorating services!

Back in March, she featured some pictures of the final product as well as links to the designer, Michele Krantzow of Lavender & Plum and the photographer, Bentley Waters.

Here are some images from the article (as well as a few from Melisa and Michele’s sites):

Love love love the yellow paint color! But then you’d never guess that by glancing at my blog…

Now maybe I missed something…but I haven’t seen any recent posts about online magazine features on the lil bee… Anyway – it was a fun surprise and I’m so pleased for the lovely and talented Melisa that she won such a fabulous prize AND got some great press for her wonderful websites (the second of course, is her genius creation, Feather Report).

Also – am I the only one who noticed that both designer and client have unusual name spellings in which an “l” is dropped? Weird. Or maybe not weird…maybe just an exaggerated reaction that could be sign that it’s time for me to go to bed already! ‘Night.

Candace Bushnell’s Living Room

Did you see this article? I love Candace Bushnell’s books – something that I wouldn’t have necessarily expected – and I’m absolutely crazy about her living room.

As elegant as her writing style for character development, these rooms are a breath of fresh air in what I find to be a rather “either/or” (contemporary/traditional) design environment.

If I had the money I would hire her fabulous decorator pronto (read the article – even that’s a good story). Right after I bought a place in New York…

Room Vignettes

Usually when I look at images of interiors, my favorite ones are of little corners. Side tables with a few cherished items, a flower arrangement doubled in the mirror behind it, a comfy reading chair with beautiful accent pillow…

Here are some room vignettes that caught have caught my eye over the past few months:

Have a wonderful weekend!

images via Drake Design, Sally Steponkus and Tobi Fairley