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BlogHer 2010 Voices of the Year Were Announced Today! My Reaction: The Good, The Bad and The (Sad but True) Ugly


Quick disclaimer for all of my non-blogging friends reading this: you will probably be incredibly bored by the subject…but if you skip down to the “ugly” part, I think we can all relate to some extent.First the good!When I glanced through the list of finalists this morning, I was thrilled to see that some of…

One of Those "Housekeeping" Posts That’s Only Interesting to People with Blogs…and Mom of Course


And by “housekeeping” I’m talking about my blog – not my house. This is probably one of the most boring genres of blog posting out there…yet at some point we all do it. Even if we only have five readers, we feel the need to update them on how we feel about blogging, changes we’re…

Friday Confession: I’m Getting Sick of Friday Confessions


It’s true – I’m having a hard time finding inspiration for these. I mean – hey, we all have stuff to confess, but how much of it is interesting or funny? And about 75% of the interesting stuff probably isn’t appropriate for recounting outside of my head, let alone on a very public blog. So…

Lord Almighty, I Feel My Temperature Rising


Do you know that I got FORTY comments on my Special Needs post? That’s like twenty more than I usually receive. Who knew that I would be such a hit being all serious and stuff… So I thought that it was only right to follow up such a triumph (which it is for those of…

Friday Confession: Cliff Notes Edition


I still hate this chair. But the pillows are cute. Have a great weekend!

More Random Things About Me


As a continuation of the “Twenty Five Things About Me” post from yesterday, here are 12 more things about me: 14. I had an unfortunate short haircut in the fifth grade that made me look like a somewhat chubby ten year old boy. No photographs of me from that time exist. I think I destroyed…

So What Have I NOT Told You About Myself By Now?


Several of my friends on Facebook tagged me for “Twenty Five Things About Me” (and possibly a blog friend or two – but I can’t remember…) Anyway – I feel compelled to do this. So here it is: Twenty Five Things About Me1. I have never colored my hair. Not once. Not even highlights. I…

Just Me and My Shadow


My Friday Confession for this week comes on a Saturday. I just didn’t get around to it yesterday. Partly because I’ve been busy with life and partly because I’m just exhausted by it. Every night this week, I’ve wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed the minute the children are tucked in. My early…

A Tragic Heroine’s Confession


Chris left early this morning for a nine-day business trip. And I have the hubris to not be worried about this. That’s my Friday confession this week. I am incredibly arrogant about my ability to take care of a three year old and two year old twins all by myself for over a week. Remember,…

Pseudo-Celebrity Stalking at Its Finest


This week’s Friday Confession is a little anecdote from my single girl in the city days. I once stalked a Leonardo DiCaprio look alike. But in my own defense, I did it for a friend. And we were in our 20s. This friend of mine had a Leo obsession that bordered on pathological. It manifested…

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