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Post BlogHer Blahs, a Welcome Reality Check and a Ridiculous Picture of Me in a Boa

In the past, I’ve followed up my BlogHer weekends with a blow by blow of each day. This may be more closely tied to mild OCD tendencies than a belief that my comings and goings are really ALL that interesting to whomever is reading… But there is something very satisfying about recording the details of a brief span of time entirely devoted to ME.

Seriously – when was the last time that happened? Now life is all about “us” (and more often when children are involved, “them”) so there is very little time for “me.” And that’s fine. I love us. I ADORE them. But having that one weekend of “just me” is pretty fantastic and worth celebrating with a long and self indulgent blog post.

And I’m not doing that this year. Not because there aren’t countless moments to immortalize in Times New Roman (Verdana? I’m terrible with fonts…) It’s just that even during BlogHer last weekend, I kept thinking “then what?” This was oddly ahead of schedule, as it typically happens days later, after that feeling of being able to achieve anything I set my mind to starts to wane. Which invariably coincides with reentry into a world of never ending house cleaning and constant financial stress.

It’s a bummer.

Insert that scratchy needle being dragged across a record sound here. (If you were born so far after the age of vinyl that this doesn’t ring a bell, I suggest Googling “record players” or “Olivia Newton John”)

After typing those first few paragraphs, I decided to shake off the gathering blahs by checking my Twitter feed. Pithy remarks…witty observations…pictures of toddlers unintentionally making rude gestures…bright shiny object! bright shiny object! We can always count on social media for a good distraction. And instead, I found links to BlogHer posts. All about “ME!” All about the extraordinary experiences. All expressing thoughts and feelings that I have thought or felt myself. And none that reflected my own slide back into self doubt.

Except one. And even if you are feeling GREAT today…even if you have never attended a conference of any kind – let alone the giant sorority rush party that is BlogHer (please note that I have never actually attended a sorority rush party – so my metaphor may suck)…I really think you should read THIS.

Thanks Amy. I needed that reminder that I’m not alone in this. And more importantly, THANK YOU for reminding me that time is fluid and that there isn’t a deadline when it comes to finding your way. Which is a good thing because I’m already 40 and still completely clueless.

SO instead of subjecting you to a long winded excerpt from “Kate’s Journey to Self Actualization,” you can check out some pictures of my super fun weekend!

Since each year I take approximately three pictures with my own camera, I was smart and didn’t bother bringing one. My iPhone provided a nice back up.

Here is a shot of my roommate, Anna and me from Thursday night. There were a number of people waiting in our cab line going to the same party, so we all ended up in a limo.

It’s been years since I’ve been in a wedding, but I really felt like I should be wearing synthetic taffeta and holding a wilted bouquet… Actually that was a pretty good picture considering the rest looked more like this.

Apparently, limo lighting isn’t ideal for photography. Oh well – at least we have one decent picture of our fancy New York limousine.

Then this happened when we arrived.

Yeah – I have no idea. Sometimes my alter (i.e. more fun) ego makes an appearance, but it’s rarely captured on film.

I couldn’t stay long at the party though, since I had a date with these lovely ladies.

Left to right: Elizabeth McGuire, Melisa Wells (from her camera), Amy Wilson, Me, Stephanie McCratic, Lela Davidson, Lisa Page Rosenberg, Ann Imig and Varda Steinhardt [not pictured: Holly Rosen Fink]

Big thanks to Ann Imig for hosting a fabulous happy hour for the Listen to Your Mother producers. And let me tell you, I was VERY happy to be sitting at that table since I couldn’t find a cab, and had to walk 15 city blocks under a blazing sun to get there. Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, I spend less time traipsing around the city in heels than driving around suburbia in flip flops, so this didn’t end well. By block 14, I thought I was doing a fairly good job of faking it…but when a semi-homeless looking man asked me if I was okay, I knew it must not look good. Luckily, I got more of a wave from the table than get up and hug each other kind of welcome. So my advance decision to request air kisses only wasn’t necessary.

Later in the evening, Anna and I hit the conference parties and ended up in a picture or two:

Anna, Me and Amy Windsor

I think the giant name tags really make our ensembles. I’m pretty sure that we posed with other people for other cameras…but Amy is the only one who posted hers online for me to steal.

The next morning, there were a couple of celebrity photo ops at a brunch hosted by Iconix in the lobby of our hotel.

Anna was a little nervous meeting Snoopy, but I think she played it pretty cool. He would never know.

Then we got to shake hands with, oh you know – a couple of fashion icons…

Totally worth the fifteen minutes in line. They were lovely.

Actually I spent half of our wait laughing because of this little exchange… While looking at the Snoopy shots, Anna was exclaiming over how unphotogenic she was. In fact, she wasn’t even bringing cameras into it – just flat out saying that she looked terrible in every picture she scrolled through on her phone. The grainy limo pictures were particularly repulsive to her and she cringed at each one like they were images from a grisly murder scene. Finally she held up one that she thought I took of her saying, “look at me, I’m hideous!

And what could I say? I had to tell her the truth. I looked at the picture. And I very honestly told Anna, “that’s me.”

True story.

Moving on… I also got a couple of pictures with new friends in the Serenity Suite the next morning.

Me with Annie Prenni (I linked to a recent post because the story is funny and the image is priceless!)

Me with Lady Jennie (Oooh la la – all the way from France!)

I spent a lot of time with each of them over the weekend, so I’m very glad we got those “just met you, but it’s Friday morning and we’re so excited to be here, LET’S TAKE PICTURES” photos. With my giant name tag.

Later that evening, Melisa (of the LTYM producers above) took a picture of me before the Listen to Your Mother Open Mic Salon.

I feel a little weird posting a picture of just me…but I do love that dress and it’s the only time it’s ever been in a photo. I feel the dress really deserves its day…and my shoes. I really like those shoes.

And here’s where my access to BlogHer pictures kind of fizzles. If there are more – I don’t have copies (and haven’t seen copies that I can steal from other websites).

These are kind of cool though.

I was trying to take a picture of my pretty green dress in the window. Didn’t really work – but I like the half image effect.

This is a family in front of me on the sidewalk. Hopefully they won’t sue me since you can’t see their faces.

Can you believe that I happened upon a wedding party just strolling down the center of Fifth Avenue on Saturday? Not sure what that colorful character on the left is doing but hey – that’s New York for you.

Oh wait! I do have one other celebrity pic from the conference. How could I forget?

And that pretty much sums up what BlogHer has to offer. Just kidding – unless you’re into that kind of thing.

So that’s it for this BlogHer recap – just the pictures and a few funny stories. No millions of links to people I saw/loved/hugged/missed this year. There are too many. And really – how do you follow up a giant orange furry?

BlogHer ’13 or bust!

See you next week!


I’m leaving for BlogHer in NYC on Thursday and won’t be back until Sunday – so I won’t be posting or commenting on blogs for the rest of the week.

What’s that? It’s only Monday? Well – true…but seriously, I need to clean my house. Also? I got a major dose of guilt from Eleanor yesterday. She  heard me talking about going away and burst into tears. We told her about all the fun she would have with Daddy (the beach! the water park! candy at all hours of the day!) and that seemed to cheer her up. But later she said, “Mommy, I’d rather have you than all the fun.” Probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me…but, OH my heart…

I’m still going. But I’m going to try to spend a little extra time with my girl.

If you’d like to see what I’m going to be wearing and hear my thoughts on packing for conferences, visit my Wishing True page (this is not to be missed by people who have absolutely nothing better to do!).

Otherwise, I’ll be back on Monday.

For those of you who will also be in NYC, please let me know. I’d love to see you.

In fact, you can count on me being in one place for a full two hours Friday morning. I’ll be working in the Serenity Suite from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. This would be a fantastic time to actually talk since it’s a little oasis in the midst of conference madness. To hear more about this suite where you can escape when you’re overwhelmed and need a break or if you’re feeling lost and need a a friendly face – full details are HERE.

I could include my itinerary for all three days (and you know I have one) but who knows how much of it will stick. I have a plan, but in the end, I’ll probably just see where the day takes me.

In general, you can expect to see me with the two lovely ladies on the right:

Can’t wait to drive up with Anna and Jill on Thursday!

And for those of you not coming (like the friends/roommates who had to pass this year – I’m looking at you Christy, Heidi and Chrisy!) – you will of course be missed.

Let’s catch up in August – okay?