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Powder Blue is the New Pewter

I am currently in the market for a silver/pewter leather shoulder (er, er, er) bag right now. A good roomy one that can hold all my junk but also look nice when I’m going for fancy.

I recently saw this market tote from Rennes on A Cup of Jo:

It was in a giveaway actually – and winning it would have solved all of my problems (all of them I tell you!). But that didn’t work out. The good news is that I COULD always buy it… But when you start thinking about buying – you want to make sure that you choose well.

And I’m not 100% in love with this bag. While I do prefer “simple” (too many zippers and buckles make me dizzy), I’m not sure that a “market tote” is exactly what I was going for in a shoulder bag.

Then while perusing the shop, I saw this:

And I think a bucket bag (ah – I miss you good ol’ black Coach bucket bag circa 1984…) may be a little closer to what I had in mind. BUT it doesn’t come in pewter/silver, and while pastels are big right now and if there is any color I love as much as pale yellow, it’s powder blue… I’m wondering if I can pull it off as an every day neutral. Granted – the store listing says it’s “ice blue,” I say same-same, tomato-tomahto (hey…what about tomato?…no too bright for me).

So what do you think? Could a powder blue bucket bag be exactly what I didn’t know I wanted? Or should I keep looking? Any suggestions for great slouchy, pewter shoulder bag?

Introducing: The Gracie

As a longtime admirer of BeeGee Bags and their elegant line of clutch handbags, I am THRILLED to be the proud new owner of not one, but two bags from the new “Gracie” style.

A little while ago, they did a promotion for their FaceBook fan page, and by sending them more fans, existing fans could receive a lovely new bag. For free.

The truth is, I have been telling everyone I know about BeeGee for-like-ever, so this was really no hardship on my part.

BlahBlahBlah – I know, get on with it already…(just trying to meet those full disclosure requirements you now…) ANYWAY – here are some images I pulled from the website of some gorgeous Gracies:

Want to see mine? Of course you do!

I’ve been wanting that orange mum print ever since I first saw it in another style.

Love this line and LOVE the fabulous designer, Brooke Galardi. There is nothing better (in shopping at least) than buying good stuff from good people. Get your own BeeGee bag HERE.

Wait – I thought vinyl was tacky.

I’ve officially changed my mind. At least when it comes to these vinyl wallpaper boxes at Draw Flowers:

They also make great lunch bags (expect a standing ovation in the break room)…

…lamp shades (there are many styles – but I’m seeing these in very girly bedrooms)…

…and many styles for the slim clutch bag (I even included the picture of what it fits – because honestly, it looks like an envelope!):

And pretty reasonably priced I may add…

See more on the website (LOVE this image):

Pretty Little Purses

Everyone who is familiar with my websites knows how much I love Brooke Galardi of Bee Gee Bags. And I would buy one of each if I could.So in light of my new hobby – I decided that I would do the next best thing. I’d try to capture them on paper.

What do you think?

My Bag

Brooke’s Bag

My Bag

Brooke’s Bag

My Bag

Brooke’s Bag

My Bag

I also had a couple of failed attempts. I don’t hate them – but they’re not what I was going for, so they won’t see the light of day.

Anyway – these were fun to do, and now I almost (ALMOST) feel satisfied. Nothing really compares to the real thing, but in these hard financial times, we have to make due…

How about you? What do you substitute for your real life cravings?

P.S. Any tips for photography “how to” websites? I mean for people with regular point and shoot cameras. My pretty little pictures look rather sad in the images above…

By the Sea, By the Sea

We’re taking the kids to Rehoboth Beach, DE for a week at the end of July and I think I want a new beach bag.

Canvas is a definite – but where to buy…?

There’s always the traditional L.L. Bean bag.

This would look perfect with my Lacoste polo shirt and chinos.
And I could be a total 80s prep and get it monogrammed! I’ve always had a thing for monograms

Or I could get something with a more creative design/color/pattern. And if that’s what I’m going for – then a multitude of options are available at Hable Construction.

Initially, I loved this one with the leather handles.

But that’s far too slim for a family beach bag.

Yeah – it would be fine for my own towel, book, magazines and contraband junk food – but how many arm floaties can you fit in that thing?

A better choice would be this roomy one.

But it has that funky handle. I like it, but I need the option to slip the straps over my shoulder… NEXT!

Okay – this is more like it.

But what’s with the weird handle thing on the side?

The website says it’s “a side handle to grasp for sideways bag dumping.” My toddlers don’t need special aides for dumping out bags – so I think we can skip that one.

FINALLY – the solution:

The “picnic tote” also comes in some of my preferred prints above (specifically the green/blue and the fuchsia). So I think we have a winner!

The fuchsia rope picnic tote. Roomy, sturdy, pretty and unique (that is unless I sit next to another Hable lover on the beach). Now I just have to come up with $165.

Sigh. Well this is a blog about wishing…maybe Target will come up with a knock off.