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Interview with Laura Bennett AND a Giveaway on As Good As Cake

Did you read my interview with Laura Bennett on The Big Piece of Cake yesterday?

She was a finalist on Project Runway a few years ago, and a NYC mom of six. AND she has some strong convictions of personal style and sense of self. Check out the interview – I promise that I didn’t ask anything about potty or sleep training.

ALSO – I’m doing a giveaway for her fantastic book, Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday?

Come see me at As Good As Cake to enter!

MYiLIVE’s Boutique Blowout, March 22-26

My good friends at MYiLIVE, the online resource for shopping and entertainment in your favorite cities, just offered VIP Boutique Blowout passes to five of my readers.

What is a boutique blowout? Well – you can shop 24-hour online flash sales for up to 75% off, featuring some of the best local DC boutiques. Designer labels include: Tory Burch, Lilly Pulitzer, Betsey Johnson, Apolis Activism, Wrath Arcane, Covet, Modern Amusement, Penguin, James Jeans, Rich & Skinny, Free People, Tucker Blair, HOBO, Red Engine, MBlue, Alkemy, Diesel, Vena Cava, Naked & Famous, lillybee, Frye, Joes Jeans, and more…

Each VIP pass includes:

$20 Coupon Code
20% Coupon in-store to Wink of Georgetown
Buy one Appetizer, Get one Free to 1905 Restaurant
Free Glass of Wine or Hummus with Dinner at Policy Restaurant
15% off a “Fast Results Facial” at Aura Spa

Since the sales are going on this week (right now), I’m not doing a drawing. I’m giving the passes away on a first come – first served basis. Just e-mail me at bigpieceofcake@gmail.com.

While the VIP passes are probably only of interest to DC area readers, the online sales are open to everyone. Check it out!

Last Holiday Giveaway on As Good As Cake Today!

I’m giving away three free personalized porcelain ornaments from Cafe Press on As Good As Cake. Here are some options I created:

Guess which one I picked. Click HERE to enter to win your own.

And don’t forget to enter the other giveaways that are still open:

Beads by Mer chalcedony drop earrings
(closes TODAY, December 18th)

Beautify My Blog blog makeover
(closes Sunday, December 20th)

Feather Report iphone app
(closes Monday, December 21st)

Around the Island Photography 8×10 print (CHOICE FROM ETSY SHOP)
(closes Tuesday, December 22nd)

Polarn O. Pyret 6-9 month size jacket
(closes Wednesday, December 23rd)

Christy Wood Jewelry Design necklace (CHOICE FROM SEVEN)
(closes Thursday, December 24th)

Ms. Stacy Cakes Bakeshoppe $50 store credit
(closes Friday, December 25th)

CSN Stores set of 15 glass tumblers (CHOICE OF COLORS)
(closes Monday, December 28th)

Closet Confidential book with personal dedication and/or haiku from author Winona of Daddy Likey
(closes Tuesday, December 29th)

Ojolie e-cards – three one-year memberships
(closes Wednesday, December 30th)

The Gentle Copywriter 2,500 words of free copywriting services
(closes Thursday, December 31st)

Good luck!

Daddy Likey’s "Closet Confidential" Giveaway on As Good As Cake!

I have been a longtime fan of Winona who writes the popular style blog, Daddy Likey. So I was thrilled to hear that she had written a book about fashion for the regular girl.

Winona is sooooo funny and always happy to have a laugh at her own expense, so a book about her own style evolution and the tips and “tricks of the trade” she learned along the way is guaranteed to be as entertaining as it is informative.

Today Winona is hosting an As Good As Cake giveaway is a copy of her fabulous book with a personalized dedication and/or haiku.

Yes – if you’re not familiar with Daddy Likey, Winona writes hilarious fashion haikus.

Don’t forget to visit her today for ANOTHER big Closet Confidential giveaway that she’s hosting! Winona gave me a little advance info on it: “The grand prize includes a signed copy of Closet Confidential, a $250 Butter by Nadia wrap dress, a gorgeous necklace, and more. Runners up can get books, cute indie designer t-shirts, watches, and other cool stuff.”

Visit HERE for more details on my giveaway!

Free Copywriting Services Giveaway on As Good As Cake

Today, on As Good As Cake, Matt Dixon of The Gentle Copywriter is sponsoring a giveaway for up to 2,500 words of custom copy – which is currently a $297 value (increasing to $497 in 2010). And since it is very targeted to a specific audience, I’m keeping it open until the end of the month.

That’s Matt.

Everyone wants a pretty blog design, but if you have an online business that you would like to grow, getting some professional copywriting help would be prudent. And getting it for free would be fantastic.

I asked Matt to write his own background and giveaway information so you could get a feel for his style. Here are some excerpts:

When someone lands on your site, they spend mere seconds deciding whether or not they like you. Whether they can trust you. If they feel that buying something from you is a safe decision to make.

And so you’ve got to make that connection with them super-fast. Because if you don’t? No sale for you, my friend.

So even if you’ve got something like an Etsy store, or an affiliate site, or your own teeny tiny business: if you don’t make a connection? No money added to your bank account.

Well, okay…

You might get a few sales. They’ll be slow, for sure. And frustrating. And you’ll wonder if you’re doing something wrong or if you should just give up completely.

Because no matter how flashy your graphics get or how witty your url becomes, the most essential part of your site will always be the words.

My name is Matt Dixon, The Gentle Copywriter. I believe that if you fuel your business with honesty, empathy and an open attitude, you’ll start to get some decent sales.

And by ‘Gentle’, I mean not hard-selling your ass off to scrape together a sale. Instead, showing your visitors who you are. And by doing that, you get the sales that you deserve.

Because in my opinion that’s what business is all about. Relationships.

And so when you enter this giveaway for copywriting, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Up to 2500 words of copy written by me personally, so even if your business is a teeny, tiny thing, I can show your visitors the real YOU.
  • Because I’m extremely versatile, I’m happy to write copy for anything you’ve got. Even if you’re the regional diaper sales rep., I’ll up your sales.
  • I use a special business questionnaire to focus straight in on your business. This means that I can fully understand your business and write even better copy for you.
  • It takes me between 2 weeks to 1 month to write your copy. That way, I can really make it fine-tuned to your target market, rather than it being generic wish-wash which won’t earn a penny.
  • Good copywriting is like having a smooth salesman on your website. As soon as the visitor lands on your site, the salesman gets to work. So by getting copywriting from me, you’ll gain the potential to earn money whilst you sleep.
  • I’ve studied materials by advertising leaders like Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, Ali Brown and Joe Sugarman — to name just a few! I know my way around a piece of copy. And because I do, your business can benefit from the expertise that I’ve soaked into my noggin.

So now that you’ve read a few of the benefits of entering this giveaway, go ahead and take part by leaving a comment below. [which would mean below HERE]

If I had an online business, I would now be convinced that I needed a professional copywriter to help me.

If you are in this position or have a friend that might benefit from some copywriting help, definitely enter HERE. You don’t see this kind of giveaway every day. Thanks again Matt!

Sweet Giveaway at As Good As Cake Today

Today’s giveaway is a “sweet” one.

Ms. Stacy Cakes is a unique online store specializing in vintage chenille baked goods.

These sweet little cakes can be used as actual pincushions, but more often than not are purchased as whimsical decorations. Personally, I would envision giving one to a little girl for her play kitchen or tea party. She’d be the envy of all of her friends.

Here are some examples of what Stacy Cakes has to offer:

Pretty adorable. And not so great for a diet since they make me want to bake some real cupcakes…

Click HERE for more details.