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Things that happened this weekend: a birthday, some blog posts and the undead. You know – the usual.

First, this happened on Friday.

He’s seven. Be still my heart… And yes – that is a half-melted Carvel cake that you can buy from Target. HEY! It’s what he wanted. Martha Stewart was not required for that birthday party.

Then – I FINALLY wrote a post about our Listen to Your Mother show read through.

Remember those bumper stickers we had made? So handy for so many things…

You can read about it HERE. Have you bought your ticket for the DC show yet? For the show in the city where you live? Well what are you waiting for?! DC locals can do so HERE. And remember that everyone who buys their ticket before April 5 will be entered to win one of two signed copies of Scary Mommy’s new book!

While I wasn’t working on Listen to Your Mother, I was finishing up a four volume “compendium” of the graphic novels for The Walking Dead. That’s right – I said graphic novels and The Walking Dead. These are letter formations that should in no way be featured in my lexicon – unless we are living in a parallel universe… If you are a reader here, you know that I watched the first season of The Walking Dead on Netflix because Chris suggested it and Tom & Lorenzo seemed to be into it. But really – it’s an aberration.

I generally abhor everything about the horror genre and if I had to pick two things that scare me the most, they would be demonic possession and the undead. And The Walking Dead pretty much corners the market on the latter.

Where would I acquire such an item as a graphic novel – and one about zombies no less? I saw it at a friend’s house and after a lively discussion about how the show  (or in this case, the graphic novel) offers a fascinating view into the breakdown of both society and humanity, I found myself carrying the tome out to my car.

I finished it and am now mentally and emotionally prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Seriously – I am only slowly coming out of the totally-bought-into-the-possibility-of-this haze. I’m hoping to be able to walk outside after dark without sprinting soon. That is some f*cked up sh*t, my friend…. I’m now scarred for life and anxiously anticipating Volume 5.

Moving on… It’s not all about dead bodies in my life! I also think about fashion. And speaking of… I am now a full day late in announcing the winner of my Shabby Apple Giveaway! I know people who don’t read this blog but entered the giveaway are like, “who is this crazy lady who writes two sentences about her son’s birthday and a freaking thesis on The Walking Dead!? Get to the Shabby Apple winner already!

Alright, alright already! The winner is…

Miriam!! (Miriam – I sent you an e-mail with directions on how to collect your prize.)

I expect that this will buy me some karma to win someone else’s Shabby Apple giveaway now… Fingers crossed for that.

Wow – that was quite a weekend. And I didn’t even talk about the brunch I hosted or the Mt. Everest of laundry I folded. It’s a very exciting life I lead…

Happy almost-Wednesday! (Is that a thing? I think it should be…)

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

**And the winner is…MIRIAM! I’ve sent an e-mail with directions on how to collect – if it was not received, please e-mail me at bigpieceofcake@gmail.com.

In the four years that I’ve been blogging, I think I’ve entered about 500 Shabby Apple giveaways. You would think that I could win ONE of them, right?

Not so much. And in truth, it probably wasn’t 500… But still – a lot.

Someday, I’ll win a giveaway, but in the meantime I’m doing the next best thing. I’m hosting a Shabby Apple giveaway for a $50 store credit!

You could put that toward one of their fabulous dresses…

…or buy one or more of their many under $50 items…

Here is what you need to do to enter:

1. Like Shabby Apple on Facebook or follow them on Twitter

2. Leave me a comment telling me what you would buy with your $50 credit.

I’d say that it’s as easy as one-two-three, but this is just one-two which is way easier than one-two-three!

Other ways to get additional entries include:

1. Like The Big Piece of Cake on Facebook (finally set up a page and I’d love to move my likes into the double digits…I’ll like you back…)

2. Follow me on Twitter

3. Send a tweet about this giveaway

4. Tell your Facebook friends about the giveaway

5. Send an e-mail to friends about the giveaway

6. Buy a ticket to my Listen to Your Mother DC show (JUST KIDDING! – sort of)

And of course, let me know if there is anything else you think should qualify for another entry. If you can, leave a separate comment for each.

I’ll keep this open through April 1st and will announce a winner on April 2nd.

AND – even if you don’t win, you can get 10% off your order for the month of April with the following code: thebigpieceofcake10off

Good luck!

It’s a Giveaway Trifecta

Do any of these strike your fancy?

Well they are all going to lucky winners next week. To enter visit:

As Good As Cake Giveaways and Reviews

Wishing True


Style Key West




On DC Metro Moms

My dread of repeating Kindergarten, etc.

Don’t Forget!

Did you read my interview with Project Runway finalist, Laura Bennett on The Big Piece of Cake last week?

Well – don’t forget that I’m doing a giveaway for her fantastic book, Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday? on As Good As Cake, and today is the last day to enter.

I loved Laura’s attitude and style when I watched her on TV, but I had no idea she could also write! So what are you waiting for – go enter already.

Interview with Laura Bennett (motherhood with style, Project Runway, and more!)

NOTE: See below for a link to the giveaway!

Did you see my review of Laura Bennett’s book, Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday?…um, yesterday? Well here is the follow up interview I promised.

If you want to know more about the book and Laura’s life, please read the review. Better yet – read the book. It’s hilarious, insightful and even a little controversial for those of you hoping to hate her – and it doesn’t disappoint.

For the interview, Laura was gracious enough to agree to answer some questions via e-mail. In honor of her jealousy that my name translates well into “vanity plate” – I am “K8.” And because I can’t come up with anything better (sorry Laura), she’s “LB.” Actually – I was going to use initals for my blog, but “TBPOC” is a bit awkward.

Now that we have all of that cleared up…on to the Q&A:

K8: You’ve described your NYC home as “a two bedroom loft.” But the real question Laura, is how many bathrooms? With potty training twins and a five year old who tends to leave his personal business until the eleventh hour, we need all three of ours to avoid complete potty chaos. How many bathrooms do you need for five boys, two parents and all of the other people who are in and out of your home all day?
LB: I’m not sure how many bathrooms I need for this crew; I only know what I have. Our apartment has one full bath, and one half bath. It’s funny because as many times as I’ve thought this apartment needs more closet space, or more shoe shelves, it never occurred to me that I needed more bathrooms. Thanks for pointing that out.

K8: As a stylish mother of six, you must have the hospital go bag down to a science. Many of my readers are either pregnant now or will be soon, Even after baby number one or two, many of us still make rookie mistakes when packing the bag that will be our lifeline for the two or three post-labor days at the hospital. Any suggestions for some “musts” that will make moms feel and look their best while they recover and pose for those endless pictures?
LB: Here I am, obviously having just finished labor and I am wearing lipstick and false eyelashes.

If I wasn’t me, I would so make fun of me. I think we should start a facebook fan page for women who wear lashes in labor. So It looks like my answer would be bring lashes (Andrea Brown #33) and long-wear lipstick (Maybelline superstay).

K8: You briefly explained that with reality TV, the footage is obviously selected for entertainment value. But that in the end – true personalities do shine through. Did you feel like this was true of yourself on Project Runway? Feel free to be candid about anyone else as well (I’m fairly certain that Jeffrey doesn’t read my blog).
LB: I think what you are really asking me here is if I still think Jeffrey cheated. I think he cheated. Even if he sewed every stitch of every garment, he still cheated. He was over budget, he didn’t have receipts, and he didn’t follow the production rules. He cheated, and then he won. It happens a lot in life. Maybe it doesn’t bother me because I wouldn’t have won anyway, Uli should have been the winner. For me it was enough that I called him out.
[Actually – that wasn’t what I was asking. But this was far more interesting than what I had in mind.]

K8: Living in Manhattan, do you ever run into the Project Runway judges socially? And if so – is it weird, having once been on the receiving end of their critical eye for an intense few weeks? If the answer is no – were there any that you particularly liked and could imagine having as a friend if the opportunity presented? (again you can probably say anything here – I’m skeptical that Nina will ever happen upon this interview…)
LB: You mean like I’m at Rite Aid buying a jumbo box of super absorbent tampons and I look up and see Michael Kors? Never happened. I have guest judged an episode, and I don’t feel awkward around them at all. My husband thinks Nina was hard on me, but I think most of the comments the judges made were right.

K8: Okay – so the accessories wall. Did you always find everything you could possibly need there? I don’t see how that’s possible…
LB: I don’t even remember the accessory wall. I was so tired, I have no idea how I did any of that. We go to sleep at 3 am and they wake us to start the next day at 6 am. After five weeks, I didn’t even know my own name. The only thing I remember about the accessory wall is the pair of sunglasses that I stole. I still wear them.

K8: I really love your philosophy on personal style. Not everyone has it in them (or has the legs) to wear an LBD and stilettos to Target. BUT they can still look chic with some strategic closet planning. And it’s genius to choose a cinematic style icon and plan your wardrobe using them for inspiration. I’m guessing that many of my readers would say that they have avoided the spiral into crocs and sweats, but do find that they fall back on jeans with boots or flats. Do you have any style icons to suggest? And what basic pieces should be the foundation of that look?
LB: A simple dress and heels work for me, but I certainly don’t expect that to be everyone’s uniform. Jeans and flats still run a gamut of styles. You can be rocker chic, ingénue, or cowgirl. Here are some cinema examples of comfortable done fabulous. (I can not recommend leaving the house wearing a holster with or without a pistol, please replace with a belt.)

Audrey Hepburn

Diane Keaton

Jane Fonda

Jean Seberg

Katharine Hepburn

Lauren Hutton

Marilyn Monroe

Who do you think will make it to Fashion Week this season of Project Runway?
LB: My picks for the current season are Emilio, Seth Aaron, and Jay as finalists, and Jay to take the win.
[Although Laura did see the collections at Fashion Week this Fall, 10 are shown so that no one knows who the final three actually are. But this does tell us that Jay’s collection must have been amazing – wonder if stopped making the model’s butts look big…]

Don’t forget! I’m giving away copies of Laura’s book, Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday? HERE.

And for those of you in the NYC area, she’s making a book signing appearance at Borders Columbus Circle in New York City today at 7:00 p.m. AND she’ll also be signing books at BlogHer this summer in NYC. Can’t wait to meet this lady in person.

Thanks again for everything Laura. It’s been a pleasure.



On Wishing True

Fifi Flowersblue shutters

Vinyl boxes via Draw Flowers

On As Good As Cake

Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday? giveaway!

As Good As Cake Giveaway: MYiLIVE’s Boutique Blowout, March 22-26

My good friends at MYiLIVE, the online resource for shopping and entertainment in your favorite cities, just offered VIP Boutique Blowout passes to five of my readers.

What is a boutique blowout? Well – you can shop 24-hour online flash sales for up to 75% off, featuring some of the best local DC boutiques. Designer labels include: Tory Burch, Lilly Pulitzer, Betsey Johnson, Apolis Activism, Wrath Arcane, Covet, Modern Amusement, Penguin, James Jeans, Rich & Skinny, Free People, Tucker Blair, HOBO, Red Engine, MBlue, Alkemy, Diesel, Vena Cava, Naked & Famous, lillybee, Frye, Joes Jeans, and more…

For full details, come see me at my reviews and giveaways site, As Good As Cake today!



On Wishing True

home, james! china

La Marquise des Anges fashions

On Style Key West

Learning to love purple…sort of….

Last Holiday Giveaway Today on As Good As Cake!

I’m giving away three free personalized porcelain ornaments from Cafe Press on As Good As Cake. Here are some options I created:

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Closet Confidential" Giveaway on As Good As Cake!

I have been a longtime fan of Winona who writes the popular style blog, Daddy Likey. So I was thrilled to hear that she had written a book about fashion for the regular girl.

Winona is sooooo funny and always happy to have a laugh at her own expense, so a book about her own style evolution and the tips and “tricks of the trade” she learned along the way is guaranteed to be as entertaining as it is informative.

Today Winona is hosting an As Good As Cake giveaway is a copy of her fabulous book with a personalized dedication and/or haiku.

Yes – if you’re not familiar with Daddy Likey, Winona writes hilarious fashion haikus.

Don’t forget to visit her today for ANOTHER big Closet Confidential giveaway that she’s hosting! Winona gave me a little advance info on it: “The grand prize includes a signed copy of Closet Confidential, a $250 Butter by Nadia wrap dress, a gorgeous necklace, and more. Runners up can get books, cute indie designer t-shirts, watches, and other cool stuff.”

Visit HERE for more details on my giveaway!