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Sandra Suy Illustrations

I love these illustrations by Barcelona artist Sandra Suy. The combination of both bold and light, ethereal lines creates really interesting movement and emotion.

She claims to “love drawing people, especially beautiful women with beautiful dresses.” As a fashion illustrator, she gets to do both. But these images convey so much more than fine feathers on models. They have personality, intrigue and an old world glamor that goes beyond the two dimensional page.

See more of her work on on her website and in her (yeah!) Etsy shop.

Mariska Meijers in Ivy & Piper!

I was just perusing the new issue of Ivy and Piper and saw this lovely lady featured in an artist profile:

I’ve written about Mariska’s work before and I also follow her fabulous blog, I Used to Be Snow White But I Drifted. She’s as gracious as she is talented and someday I hope to have the chance to meet her in person.

If you aren’t familiar with Mariska, the Ivy and Piper interview is a great introduction. And make sure to check out her website!

The New Love of My Life: Yap Chin Hoe

These paintings combine two of my absolute favorite things: beautifully detailed depictions of lovely things and chinoiserie. And when I say “chinoiserie” I don’t mean any little nod to an incredibly overused decor term. I mean actual pottery. Blue and white china. Chinese Rose Famille.

I’m swooning.


These images came from the Catherine Asquith Gallery. Their description of the artist:

Chin Hoe displays a mastery over the brush as well as an expertise at composition. He has finessed a refreshing contemporary interpretation of classic Western still-life – the Oriental antique-wares bring grace and poise to an otherwise traditional theme. Intricate details – the flutter of dragonfly wings, soft tendrils of foliage, graceful translucent drapes – and a more vivid palette have infused his recent artworks with a new vitality.”

More HERE.

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty…

Not sure where I found Michelle Armas’ work…but isn’t it lovely?

Do you match your decor to your art or match your art to your decor? OR do you not even think about that kind of coordination at all? These pieces would appeal to any decorating approach. They stand up on their own without any correlation to decor, but they would work so well with SO many different design aesthetics.

Does that make sense? Oh well – at least that’s my own inexpert opinion.

Bottom line – pretty stuff. Want to see more?