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Jacaranda Color

I just discovered a lovely blog, Lilly’s Notebook. One of the first posts I read featured gorgeous pictures of otomi fabrics from an online store: Jacaranda.

Drawing inspiration from the jacaranda tree as “a reminder of nature’s perfect design,” this company champions natural and handmade goods by importing unique, indigenous items from Mexico, Central and South America.

My favorites were the pillows…

…ceramic plates…

…and of course, the textiles:

And wouldn’t it be fun to frame some of these swatches?

Then on the blog (which only has a few entries at the moment), I found this fantastic before and after of a reupholstered chair:

Love it!

They hope that as the jacaranda tree’s falling petals leave “their design imprinted on the world,” their own products will leave their own imprint in our homes.

See more HERE.

Semi-Custom Lamps

I saw the line, Mottega on Material Girls recently, and thought it was pretty clever. The vision of Mark Moussa, best known for his company, Arteriors Home, Mottega, allows you to design your own lamp, so to speak.

My friend, Kathlin does semi-custom dresses and this is very much the same concept. Pick from a series of options…



shade, etc.

…for a (semi) customized look!

Here are some that I (and my four year old son, George – see the dark blue one) designed:

Pretty cool! The best part is the turn around time: less than two weeks. The downside? They’re pretty pricey, ranging from $500 to $700. Definitely not an option for those on a budget. But there is a mailing list for sales. So it couldn’t hurt to sign up for that.

Ringing in the New…

A little late to start a new year of blogging here at Wishing True… But better late than never. And what better post to start with than some pictures of new things created from old things.

I love the idea taking something that may be considered junk and reinventing it. Things made from reclaimed materials are very in right now (and ironically, often very expensive). A small dent in filling our carbon footprints – but a noble endeavor nonetheless.

Here are some new/old things from Eco1stArt.com:





See more images new/old stuff at Eco1stArt.com and on their blog.

2 Monkees Belt Buckles

My husband has a thing for belt buckles and has put together something of a collection over the years. A few are really very nice and others are really pretty awful – but he loves all of them.

It’s been a long time since I’ve paid much attention to belts (possibly the three years of pregnancy?), but if I was going to invest in something right now it would definitely be one of these gems from 2 Monkees:

Throw a pretty textile into the mix and you’ve already got my attention. I think these are unique, fun and would look great with jeans and cowboy boots.

For the lady who’s not much into jewelry but does like to personalize her look with accessories, this could be a nice gift option.

Magic Carpets

One thing that I love about my son Oliver is his preference of fantasy over reality. It’s something to which I very much relate. For example, while playing a picture matching game based on rhyming, he flat out refused to match “bug” with “rug” because the “bug” doesn’t rhyme with “magic carpet.”

I absolutely agree with him on this. Why walk on a plain old rug when you can sink your toes into a magic carpet?

These carpets I found on 1stdibs today would all fit the bill:

That last one isn’t my usual style – but there is something so appealing about it…

Have you seen 1stdibs? It’s pretty vast. The carpets above are from only the first five pages of almost 30! It’s great fantasy (in my reality) resource for fabulous treasures. I highly recommend a perusal.