Tune In Next Time… (Alternatively Titled: I Miss The Cosbys)


Scene: High school cafeteria  – Lunch Nice group of sitcoms is sitting at a long table, eating. Raucous group of reality TV arrives in a cloud of overpowering cologne. Reality TV: Um… This is where WE eat lunch? Sitcoms: But we’ve been eating lunch here for over 50 years. Reality TV: Wow. You’re OLD. Sitcoms:…

The Game Plan


It’s no secret that my seven year old son, George has never been a big guy. His twin sister has outweighed him for years and people are starting to assume that he’s my “youngest.” In comparison to his GIANT brother (who is actually only 18 months older) this is understandable…but his TWIN SISTER? Regardless, he…

They Coulda’ Been Great – December 2013


  Our December sound bites, etc. via Facebook… (What is this? All answers are HERE.) December 2 8:59 a.m. “Santa doesn’t like it when kids are late for school!” Seriously – I just went there. 3:40 p.m. Oliver: Mom, can I have some ice cream? Me: Oliver! You JUST had popcorn, and in a couple…

Boughs of Folly


  The holidays are all about extremes. Peace on earth! Goodwill to men! Black Friday mobs! Road Rage over hour-long back ups! But that’s life, right? Every high is balanced by a low. And over the holidays, I combine the two like that last cocktail you didn’t really need…shaken or stirred…mixed or mingled…blended or beaten…

The Twelve Days of Binging


On the First Day of Binging this Christmas gave to me: Cabernet with Almonds and Brie On the Second Day of Binging this Christmas gave to me: Two Candy Canes and Cabernet with Almonds and Brie On the Third Day of Binging this Christmas gave to me: Three French Pastries Two Candy Canes and Cabernet…

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