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What I’m wearing this week…

…at BlogHer! I’m leaving on Thursday and will be gone for three nights. And I’m not at all kidding when I tell you that I LOVE packing for any trip – so packing for three days in NYC is more fun (for me) than you can imagine.

Okay – so I’m not going to give you a blow by blow of the outfits I’m bringing  – but here’s an assortment of items that will be in my suitcase.

Of course, there will be more – but really not that much. I try to keep my bag as small as possible. And I prefer to have a plan for what I’m wearing each day so I don’t waste time on wardrobe angst in my hotel room. In fact, a couple of years ago, I wrote about some thoughts on this. After re-reading them, I think they still apply, so I’m posting them again.



Since I have done the “conference thing” for years and I have a little insight into that, I was trying to think of any tips I have that I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere. Here are a few:

1. Some people will tell you to wear great shoes and others will tell you to wear comfortable shoes – but I’m telling you now that it’s all about “the devil you know.” Maybe all of your comfortable flat shoes look like they belong at the community pool OR maybe you have plenty of comfortable shoes, but you don’t think they’re nice enough. My advice is DON’T go out and buy some Easy Spirit semi-heels expecting them to feel like clouds strapped to your feet after a day of walking the exhibit hall floor. They won’t. I’ve done that and paid for it in very painful blisters. I suggest picking some of the most comfortable shoes that you actually own, and go with them. And they may be heels. In fact I’m going to be wearing a pair of heeled sandals at least one day and two nights simply because they’re really are comfortable and will look good with outfits that I’d like to wear. Will my feet be sore at the end of the day/night? Probably, but I know exactly how sore. AND I know that I won’t get blisters. If you are just casual and that’s it? Own it. Wear whatever makes you feel great and don’t feel intimidated by shiny new stilettos. Just picture the blisters forming on the heels of the women wearing them and have compassion. Know they may be crippled for the second half of the conference. Offer them your seat on Saturday. It’s the kind thing to do.

Also? Open toe or sandals will make a world of difference if you have anything like that.

2. Sticking with the superficial stuff… I also suggest that you pick your most time consuming maintenance issue and have a plan for streamlining it. Do you really want to spend hours of your precious conference time in your room getting ready? I think not. And if that means adding a flat iron to your already bulging suitcase – do it! Spending an hour with the hotel supplied hair drier and your brush will be a huge waste of time you could be spending with friends. Hair is definitely my most time consuming “get ready” activity if I wear it down. So instead of running out for the trim that I really want, I decided to leave it alone and go with the low pony tail for most of the weekend. I can get ready in five to ten minutes (including a shower) with the exception of my hair. My hair is fairly short now, so I part it on the side and pull it into a low pony tail while it’s wet. Takes two seconds, lasts all day, and looks (dare I say it) incredibly chic when paired with pretty much any outfit. And if it’s imperative that you look perfectly coiffed (and you can afford this…) have your hair done professionally. For god’s sake, it’s New York! You have tons of nearby salons at your disposal. Book an appointment and make a mini-event of it. Grab a glass of champagne afterward. Live a little.

Maybe hair isn’t your issue. Talk to someone who is an “expert” in whatever you’re dealing with and have them help you plan some time saving shortcuts.

3. This tip I read somewhere else – but I think it’s just so ridiculously smart, and deserves repeating. Have a plan for what you will be wearing each day and night. I know – again with the superficial… What can I say? I fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to social stuff, but I need to have a plan for the clothes and styling. Either way – this applies to everyone since it will simplify packing and keep your suitcase as small as possible. I can’t remember where I read this…but the person who suggested it even put accessories an plastic bags to attach to the hangers! I doubt I’ll be that organized – but before I zip up my suitcase, I know it will include everything I need for:

-(wearing) Thursday day – travel
-Thursday evening parties
-Friday – conference day
-Friday evening parties
-Saturday – conference day
-Saturday evening parties
-Sunday morning
-(BONUS: Sunday mid-day travel, one to two back up outfits for day/night in case I spill a Diet Coke down the front of my shirt…it could happen…)

That’s a maximum of 10 outfits; and for me, jeans will be involved in at least five to six of them. I’m not going to be wearing LBDs and Louboutins (I wish!) each day – so I’m definitely coming from a regular girl perspective here…my clothes will be a mix of J. Crew, Anthropologie and Target. And no – I won’t state the ratio on that.

4. MORE SUPERFICIAL! But seriously – this is practical travel advice when it comes to accessories. Put the family heirlooms back in the lock box and wear fashionable fakes for a weekend like this. If you have both diamond anniversary earrings and a pair of cubic zirconia? Bring the CZ. The last thing you want is a ruined day/night that involves lost jewelry and security reports. No one will notice the difference. Try to be as Holly Go-Lightly as possible with what you pack. You don’t want to arrive home in tears over what you lost – you do want to be emotionally filled to the brim with what you gained.

5. Finally, this is non-superficial advice for myself as well as anyone else. Act about ten times more confident than you actually feel. Not cocky or obnoxious…just happy. When in doubt? Smile. BIG. And walk up to people to introduce yourself. If anyone seems less than thrilled to meet you, assume you caught them at a bad time and move on. Seriously – from my personal life experience combined with what I’ve read about this particular conference, you will find plenty of people who WANT to talk to you, who are THRILLED to meet you and who may even become close future friends. But only if you try. Only if you put yourself out there. ONLY if you don’t let the little things get to you and appreciate the wonderful people right next to you at the moment.


I guess that last part wasn’t fashion/styling-related… Oh well – if a smile is the best accessory, then I suppose it applies.

This was pretty text heavy for Wishing True! Sorry about that. I’ll be back next week with more pretty pictures. See you then!

Business Cards from Tiny Prints

So about – oh….A YEAR ago, Tiny Prints very generously offered to send me some free business cards. The timing was great since I would be attending BlogHer that August and shiny new cards would definitely come in handy.

Sadly – due to a miscommunication (my fault of course), I did not get the cards in time for the conference. But I was still thrilled to have them and planned to write a review ASAP!

I have my excuses for how I let this slip through the cracks month after month – but that’s a long boring story. So let’s just say better late than never right?

Anyway – here are my pretty cards:

Since I wasn’t working with a designer, I opted to use an existing format. I could upload my blog graphic for one side of the card and just type in all of text for the other side. It was so easy and in the order/approval process, I even found out that my image file was too small. So I had the opportunity to fix that before the job went to print. Getting blurry logo business cards in the mail would have been a HUGE disappointment.

And If I didn’t have a graphic to use, I would still have been set for great design options. Here are a few of my favorites:

Hello Intro in Citrus has a clean yet irreverent cool factor. I also love it in Navy.

Professional Image would be perfect for my photography business! (if I had one)

William may be a fantastic financial adviser but I think Vertical Spectrum in Stormy Blue would be even better for an interior designer (looks like paint chips!)

So from product and process to customer service, I have to give Tiny Prints a big thumbs up. And hey – I’m all set for BlogHer THIS year! Speaking of…I’m due for a pre-BlogHer 2012 post… Look for that on The Big Piece of Cake!

Attention DC Fashionistas: Kathlin Argiro Trunk Show in Alexandria this Saturday!

If you have been following Wishing True over the past few years, you have read many posts about my friend Kathlin and her fabulous dresses. I love that someone I went to high school with is now a successful fashion designer in NYC. Makes me feel very important…by association – but still!

Kathlin is known for both her wrap dresses (comfortable AND stylish)…

…and semi-custom cocktail dresses (a three step process: pick your silhouette, pick your fabric, pick your embellishments).

Going on vacation somewhere warm? Get multiple outfits out of her famous “Dressong.”

Really, she can dress you for pretty much any occasion.

And if you live in the DC area, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to meet the designer herself! She’s having a trunk show at Zoe Boutique (130 South Union Street) in Alexandria, VA this Saturday. Kathlin will be there from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (and possibly longer), offering styling tips and personal fashion sketches.

ALSO: Zoe will be offering fantastic discounts (one day only)!

  • Buy 1 item, get 10% off
  • Buy 2 items, get 20% off
  • Buy 3 items, get 30% off
  • Buy 4 items, get 40% off
  • Buy 5 items, get 50% off

I’m planning to drop by early. Meet me there?

Wish List for July 16, 2012

Feeling pink and gold today…

Inspired by this blazer/jacket I think:

And isn’t it great with that Anthro necklace? I’ve been a longtime reader (i.e. lurker) of Erin Gates’ blog, Elements of Style. And she has recently teamed up with a friend to start a line of blazers. The label is Two Penny Blue, and the styles are super cute. But really – this one is the stand out. Very unique – wish it came in other colors!

For a dash of gold, how about this cuff bracelet from Pondicherry?

Excellent price for something that looks far more expensive. I would wear it with everything!

Back to pink… I love this painting of pink cosmos:

Kelley MacDonald is one of several artists I follow who blog regularly about their work. I’ve been a fan for a while (in fact – I’ve posted about her before!)

And finally – something that I will forever kick myself for not buying at a private show last year…

A good friend saw a post I wrote about Jill Rosenwald’s ceramics and invited me to join her at a special showing that takes place every year in DC (which takes place at the home of one of Jill’s friends – who is a friend of my friend – SMALL world!) The timing was perfect – but I ultimately didn’t buy anything. Worries about money and that kind of thing… And I so regret it. Maybe next time.

This is a wish list after all…

Until next time!

[Guest!] Wish List for July 10, 2012

This week’s Wish List comes from my good friend Christy of A Lil’ Welsh Rarebit. She showed me some things that she’s been coveting and they’re pretty fab.

So take it away Christy!


While I could never narrow my wish list down to FOUR items… Here are the current forerunners:

First, don’t you love this gorgeous 20″ chevron floor pillow? I’ve wanted one or two of these since I spotted them, but I keep getting overruled by the other adult who lives in my house. Sigh.

They also come in green, blue or brown.

And have you tried this summer beauty oil/perfume from Bobbi Brown? It’s called “Miami Beach.”

Since the beach is my favorite place to be  – how could I NOT want to buy this? The description says it was “designed with notes of sand, jasmine, sea spray and Mandarin.” Sounds heavenly!

While Christmas isn’t exactly right around the corner…I already know that I want to find THIS gorgeous Stella & Dot necklace in my stocking!

Luckily, our friend Jill is a Stella & Dot consultant. Think I’ll just hand my husband her card at the start of holiday shopping season…

[UPDATE: If you love Stella & Dot, you now have a GREAT excuse to buy yourself some jewelry. Anna of An Inch of Gray is hosting an online jewelry party to raise money for Samaritan’s Purse, a wonderful cause championed by her beautiful son Jack. Jack passed away in a flash flood last September, but he is still an inspiration to people all over the world who knew him, know Anna or have have read Anna’s blog. For full details, visit Anna HERE.]

And finally, because a girl can never have too much jewelry (at least, not THIS girl), I can’t stop dreaming about this ring:

It may need to wait until the kids are out of college. But I’ve tried it on a couple of times at a local shop and it jlooks PERFECT on me – ha!

Thanks for sharing my list Kate!


Now I have four other things to add to my own running Wish List…

Do you have one to share? Let me know – this was fun!

Wish List for July 3, 2012

As you may have seen on The Big Piece of Cake last week, things were a little hectic and not very blogging-friendly. But I found several lovely home accessories that I thought I’d feature here today.

And the best thing about them is that they are affordable! So much of what catches my eye online would require some saving (at least for me!) So the fact that a few of the bright shiny objects I encountered offered maximum effect for minimal dollar signs seemed like an obvious “Wish List” theme. These aren’t just finds, they are DEALS.

So first up – this pretty Blue Q lantern that I spotted on Sneakpeek.

At a whopping $10, this little beauty is 13 3/4″ in diameter and would be perfect for livening up a drab corner. There are many options to choose from – all very fun and whimsical. Probably just a tad to contemporary for my current decor – but I could possibly use it in a bedroom. I have a thing for lanterns – and it’s a crime that I have never actually owned any!

Note: You would have to purchase a cord kit separately, but what did you expect for $10?

Next up is a simple striped throw blanket from IKEA.

Just $19.99, this black and white stripe is timeless. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in any other colors. But I do love stripes and you can’t really go wrong with this one.

Next – have you ever purchased paper products from Minted? I recently saw that they also sell limited edition art prints. Like this sweet little chair (more stripes!)

I couldn’t get a large enough image so I had to cobble four of the colorways together. Guess they don’t want people grabbing high res images and printing their own? Smart – but not very convenient for my blogging purposes… Now that I think of it though, an assortment framed together could be cute. (They start at $40).

Also love this beach chair print.

Last on the list today, pink pillows:

So bright and cheerful. These 16″ x 18″ pillow covers from The Pillow People are $28 for a set of two. Tons of other colors and patterns can be found in this Etsy shop – you can cover your couch!

Well – that’s it for today. Wishing you a fantastic Fourth of July celebration tomorrow! And for the non-U.S. readers…have a great Wednesday!

Mujus – Chic “Earth Friendly” Jewelry

When you are looking at pretty jewelry, does the thought, “I wonder how earth friendly this is,” ever cross your mind? If so – good for you! I’m generally too distracted by the BRIGHT! SHINY! OBJECT! to care, let alone remember what day it is.

And this line of jewelry from Mujus is very distracting.

First – there is the obvious showstopper piece:

Right? And for those of you who aren’t so much into multi-color, THIS is equally spectacular:

The Locura bib necklace is described as “runway deserving” and I couldn’t agree more. Would love to see it with a drapey shoulder baring evening gown. Strapless? Halter? It would work with so many styles.

So back from fantasyland now… Here are some other pieces that I could wear – you know, OFF the runway:

And of course, there are bracelets to consider…

So how is this loveliness earth friendly? It’s made of tagua seed. Tagua, also known as vegetable ivory, originates from a palm tree that grows in Amazon rainforest. When ripe, the tagua fruit falls to the ground and is gathered and dried by local communities. Since the seeds are harvested after they have fallen to the ground, there is no damage done to the rainforest during the harvesting process.

Designer, Paola Delgado left investment banking (of all things!) in 2009 to found Mujus. Having grown up in Peru, she returned to Lima to explore how she could design beautiful jewelry using high quality, organic and sustainable raw materials AND give back to her native land. She discovered tagua and a few years later… To read more about the company, check out the “About” page – so inspiring.

More incentive for me to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I love a great “corporate to creative” success story!

Wish List for June 18, 2012

A little late in the day… But here is this week’s list!

I think I spent more time selecting my registry china than I did my wedding dress! So of course I am obsessed with these…

…discovered via one of my favorite sites, Creature Comforts. The online shop, Fine Little Day carries so many treasures – you should definitely check it out.

And, you know…

…OBVIOUSLY. I really want this Clare Vivier tote. Better for fall really…but I just saw it this week.

Then – this is kind of a surprise:

Because I’m not the huggy-kissy type. But I find something so appealing about this bracelet from Mujus*. In fact – I’m mesmerized by their entire jewelry page. I’ll have to blog about it later this week.

And last – but not least…

Paint chip place mats (!!) from Avril Loretti. I’m dying. You can also get napkins and table runners.

What is on your list this week?

*Discovered via sneakpeeq – I’m telling you, I find some great stuff there!

Wish List for June 11, 2012

Today’s list includes a true range of affordable to attainable to maybe when the kids are out of college-able. For ME, that is…as a ring that has four digits in the price (BEFORE the decimal point) isn’t a priority for our family right now.

ANYWAY. How fab are these?

First – a pretty top from Rickshaw Design:

I picked this particular style/fabric because of the picture (most are just a garment shot – no model). But I would also love the tuxedo kurta in tangerine or navy.

And how gorgeous is this ring from oli + me?

This image is from LA artist, Jeana Sohn’s beautiful website (a picture she took when the designer, Grace Lee came in for portraits). I love Jeana’s style and always find fantastic new-to-me designers on her blog.

Want to see a close up of the ring (in three different colors)?


And back to the realm of retail reality (again – for ME)… Here is a super cute bag from Charm Design:

I’ve had this shop in my Etsy favorites for a while. So many pretty fabrics and simple, elegant designs.

Finally – here is a print from Driftwood Interiors that combines two of my favorites things (art and textiles) in another of my favorite things (interiors in art):

I want a real life version of that ikat upholstered couch! The artist, Kerri Shipp also does beautiful paintings of Chinoiserie and sea coral.

Do you have anything new on your wish list this week?

sneakpeeq: Cuffs!

Do you know about sneakpeeq? I think I got a marketing e-mail a while back, and while I never followed up with the contact about whatever freebie or giveaway or discount code she was offering, I WAS smart enough to click the link and sign up.

And I have to say, I find some really fantastic and unique items via sneakpeeq. Pretty sure you need an invite from friends (I’m happy to send you one) and you may even earn points for that or something…(not sure since I have a big fat 0 for “friends” right now). BUT I’m just enjoying getting a “peeq” at some products I wouldn’t know about otherwise – ones I can feature HERE.

Today I’m loving the cuff bracelets. How great are these?

This Melinda Maria Cage Cuff would be perfect for sleeveless summer outfits. I’d use it to dress up a tank top and jeans (I’m pretty much always in jeans – even in the summer). But it could also be a nice addition to a more dressy outfit (thinking LBD here).

The same could be said of this woven sparkler:

This cuff from Julie Rofman (the Ibiza Bracelet) is little more rock and roll with the leather fringe detail…but I think I could still pull it off.