Vote for Kelley!

If you have been reading Wishing True for a while, you will know that I am a longtime fan of Kelley MacDonald. I’m not exactly sure where I first discovered her lovely oil and acrylic paintings…but I’m so glad I did. She has a daily painting blog that always gives me a much needed dose […]

Kelly MacDonald: A New-to-Me "Daily" Painter

I recently came across another “daily” painter (meaning an artist who produces several small paintings each week in addition to bigger projects). And I would love to own one of her pieces. Here are some of Kelly MacDonald’s small paintings that caught my eye: You can see more of her work on Kelly MacDonald’s Daily […]

Wish List for July 16, 2012

Feeling pink and gold today… Inspired by this blazer/jacket I think: And isn’t it great with that Anthro necklace? I’ve been a longtime reader (i.e. lurker) of Erin Gates’ blog, Elements of Style. And she has recently teamed up with a friend to start a line of blazers. The label is Two Penny Blue, and […]

Perfection in Pink and Blue

Remember that scene from Sleeping Beauty when the fairy godmothers are fighting over whether Aurora’s dress should be pink or blue? And then again at the end while she’s dancing with her prince, her dress flashes between the two colors? That’s kind of how I feel about this (my new favorite) painting by Kelley MacDonald. […]

The Next Best Thing…

If you can’t afford something that comes in a little blue bag this Valentines Day, what about a darling painting of the iconic wrappings? I just love Kelly MacDonald’s work. Especially her smaller still lifes. This is a new favorite. Have a great weekend cutting out paper hearts!