Gals, Elves, Kids and Mothers

I guess I’m posting monthly now? I’m sorry – but this new job thing is kind of overwhelming.

So of course, I decided to add a second job. What? That makes total sense.

I’ve already abused my Facebook and Twitter privileges with this – but nothing actually exists until you mention it on your blog right? I mean if I’m going to be all The Secret about this, then it’s all about declaring intentions and visualizing success. I could probably have just left it at the Facebook post… If The Universe is listening – It’s probably spending most of it’s time on Facebook (reminder to self: suck up to The Universe by liking Its fan page). But just to cover all of my bases…

Some friends and I have started a new business:

Drop by (yes – we’re all fancy with a url and everything!) You can find more info there. And of course, we would LOVE it if you would like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @ExecGalFriday (note to self: must start tweeting…)

But enough of the shameless self promotion. How about this holiday season just happening minutes after we left the pool? If I had any doubts about it though – heeeeee’s back! And creepier than ever:

Okay – that was ridiculous – but we do amuse ourselves…

And speaking of amusing people – sometimes I think my children are being couriered a script each morning. Is it just me, or do those hilarious things that kids say make their inability to flush the toilet and insistence that they are fed three times a day just a little less annoying? On second though – don’t answer that.

Here are a few of my current favorites:

From my little Balki Bartokomous (By the way – did you know that show was on for EIGHT SEASONS!?)

Scene: Oliver, George and Eleanor are telling each other knock knock jokes (or their version of knock knock jokes, which generally go KNOCK KNOCK! WHO’S THERE? [insert inappropriate word here] [insert gales of laughter here]).

Me: What are you guys doing?

Oliver: We’re knocking jokes!

That was short. So one more.

Scene: One day I was working with him on his reading. He read a sentence that was a question, but it sounded like a statement because he didn’t pay attention to the question mark.

Me: Good honey! But [pointing to the question mark] what is this?

Oliver: [eyes widening with intrigue] …a MYSTERY.

Oliver – 7

From The Informant:

Eleanor: Mom, does S plus H make the SH sound?

Me: Yes – S and H say SH.

Eleanor: WELL. Then Daddy? Said the S-H word.

Me: Oh really?

Eleanor: YES! He said [whispers] “shut up.”

Eleanor – 6

From The…I have no idea what to call him. George is just one of the strangest people I’ve ever met. And I like that about him.

Scene: George had a band aid on his ankle that kept falling off. So I used a little gauze wrap to keep in in place. And for some reason George kept calling it “the glauze.”

Eleanor: Mom – is it “gauze” or “glauze?”

Me: It’s gauze, but he’s calling it glauze and I’m not correcting him because I kind of LOVE THAT.

George: It’s “gauze?”

Me: Yes – that’s how you pronounce it, “gauze.”

George: OH! So it’s a silent X.

Yeah – I have no idea. But I think I’ve told that story approximately 5 million times.

George – 6

Jumping to another topic… We’re bringing Listen to Your Mother to DC again in 2013! You can read all about it on the LTYM DC site. I’m pretty excited about this. Having gone through the process already – it seems a lot less “holy S-H word! What did I get myself into!?” this year. So stay tuned for more about that.

Let’s see…have I covered everything? Self promotion…pictures of my kids…more self promotion… Check, check and CHECK!

Oh – also? I love The Mindy Project. Please watch it so it doesn’t get cancelled. Totally hilarious: imagine a scene where your boyfriend accidentally puts on your jeans and you have to see how loose they are around his hips and you scream for him to TAKE THEM OFF and he tries to say that it’s just like when you were wearing his shirt earlier and you scream that it’s NOT THE SAME – that you wearing the shirt was cute and THIS just looks like a lap band surgery “after” picture and for the love of God just TAKE THEM OFF…now THAT’S funny.

So to end this stream of consciousness with next to no substantial content… I will be posting more this month, as I have several things I need to get online: 1. a sponsored post (of course!); 2. a post about something that I’ve been thinking about for a year that might sound like it’s religious but it’s not; 3. my annual Christmas tree gloating; and 4. a video for the Seventh Annual Blogger Christmahanukwanzaakah Online Holiday Concert. I’ve always wanted to do #4…though I have very little vlogging experience. But I did have an idea (one that involves our Elf on the Shelf, of all things) – so I’m convinced that THIS is the year! I’ll just have to make sure the kids aren’t around because the boys scream when I sing. So I just sing louder – but that won’t work on video.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. heidi

    Kate! This is so, so funny! Silent x…are you kidding me? I would have told that story 5 million times, too. That is hilarious.
    New business, more ‘Listen to your Mother’…it is all so exciting and I am so very happy for you.
    I hope you and yours are well. Love you.
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