Mujus – Chic “Earth Friendly” Jewelry

When you are looking at pretty jewelry, does the thought, “I wonder how earth friendly this is,” ever cross your mind? If so – good for you! I’m generally too distracted by the BRIGHT! SHINY! OBJECT! to care, let alone remember what day it is.

And this line of jewelry from Mujus is very distracting.

First – there is the obvious showstopper piece:

Right? And for those of you who aren’t so much into multi-color, THIS is equally spectacular:

The Locura bib necklace is described as “runway deserving” and I couldn’t agree more. Would love to see it with a drapey shoulder baring evening gown. Strapless? Halter? It would work with so many styles.

So back from fantasyland now… Here are some other pieces that I could wear – you know, OFF the runway:

And of course, there are bracelets to consider…

So how is this loveliness earth friendly? It’s made of tagua seed. Tagua, also known as vegetable ivory, originates from a palm tree that grows in Amazon rainforest. When ripe, the tagua fruit falls to the ground and is gathered and dried by local communities. Since the seeds are harvested after they have fallen to the ground, there is no damage done to the rainforest during the harvesting process.

Designer, Paola Delgado left investment banking (of all things!) in 2009 to found Mujus. Having grown up in Peru, she returned to Lima to explore how she could design beautiful jewelry using high quality, organic and sustainable raw materials AND give back to her native land. She discovered tagua and a few years later… To read more about the company, check out the “About” page – so inspiring.

More incentive for me to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I love a great “corporate to creative” success story!

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