Things that happened this weekend: a birthday, some blog posts and the undead. You know – the usual.

First, this happened on Friday.

He’s seven. Be still my heart… And yes – that is a half-melted Carvel cake that you can buy from Target. HEY! It’s what he wanted. Martha Stewart was not required for that birthday party.

Then – I FINALLY wrote a post about our Listen to Your Mother show read through.

Remember those bumper stickers we had made? So handy for so many things…

You can read about it HERE. Have you bought your ticket for the DC show yet? For the show in the city where you live? Well what are you waiting for?! DC locals can do so HERE. And remember that everyone who buys their ticket before April 5 will be entered to win one of two signed copies of Scary Mommy’s new book!

While I wasn’t working on Listen to Your Mother, I was finishing up a four volume “compendium” of the graphic novels for The Walking Dead. That’s right – I said graphic novels and The Walking Dead. These are letter formations that should in no way be featured in my lexicon – unless we are living in a parallel universe… If you are a reader here, you know that I watched the first season of The Walking Dead on Netflix because Chris suggested it and Tom & Lorenzo seemed to be into it. But really – it’s an aberration.

I generally abhor everything about the horror genre and if I had to pick two things that scare me the most, they would be demonic possession and the undead. And The Walking Dead pretty much corners the market on the latter.

Where would I acquire such an item as a graphic novel – and one about zombies no less? I saw it at a friend’s house and after a lively discussion about how the show  (or in this case, the graphic novel) offers a fascinating view into the breakdown of both society and humanity, I found myself carrying the tome out to my car.

I finished it and am now mentally and emotionally prepared for the zombie apocalypse. Seriously – I am only slowly coming out of the totally-bought-into-the-possibility-of-this haze. I’m hoping to be able to walk outside after dark without sprinting soon. That is some f*cked up sh*t, my friend…. I’m now scarred for life and anxiously anticipating Volume 5.

Moving on… It’s not all about dead bodies in my life! I also think about fashion. And speaking of… I am now a full day late in announcing the winner of my Shabby Apple Giveaway! I know people who don’t read this blog but entered the giveaway are like, “who is this crazy lady who writes two sentences about her son’s birthday and a freaking thesis on The Walking Dead!? Get to the Shabby Apple winner already!

Alright, alright already! The winner is…

Miriam!! (Miriam – I sent you an e-mail with directions on how to collect your prize.)

I expect that this will buy me some karma to win someone else’s Shabby Apple giveaway now… Fingers crossed for that.

Wow – that was quite a weekend. And I didn’t even talk about the brunch I hosted or the Mt. Everest of laundry I folded. It’s a very exciting life I lead…

Happy almost-Wednesday! (Is that a thing? I think it should be…)

5 thoughts on “Things that happened this weekend: a birthday, some blog posts and the undead. You know – the usual.

  1. Loukia

    Hi, stranger! Love the first picture, and Happy Birthday to your sweet son! Also, is that sweater you’re wearing from Banana Republic? If so, I have the same one! I so wish I could be in D.C. for Listen To Your Mother!
    Loukia recently posted..Catching UpMy Profile

  2. heidi

    Seven! Seriously. Wow!! Happy Birthday!!
    Congratulations to you on Listen to your Mother and all the wonderful-ness that is happening. Kate, I am just so proud of you.
    heidi recently posted..firstsMy Profile


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