Did You Know That I’m Producing a Show?

Well I am. And no – I have no experience in theater. In fact, I’m not entirely sure how I managed scam my way into heading up this project… But somehow, I did! I’m producing the Listen to Your Mother show in Washington, DC.

And luckily, I have a partner who actually DOES come from a performance background. Stephanie (or @MinkyMoo as she’s known on Twitter – where I swear, she spends at least 50% of her day…) is our LTYM director. And thank god for her – as I would be completely winging it on the whole auditions/casting/rehearsal thing if I was working solo. This experience wouldn’t be half as fun or exciting without her enthusiastic spirit behind it.

The show will take place at 2 p.m. on Sunday, May 6. We selected the Synetic Theater in Crystal City as our venue and, as I’ve mentioned here previously, will be donating a portion of the ticket sales to the Susan Niebur IBC Research Fund (see that widgety thing on my sidebar?)

And things are REALLY coming together now that we’ve completed our two days of auditions! Over 40 people read us their wonderfully unique stories about motherhood, and we are now tasked with the impossible job of selecting 10-11 cast members. In a perfect world, we could cast four different shows, because we didn’t have ONE bad audition.

Truth be told, I’m a little sad that auditions are over. It was like watching my own private production of Listen to Your Mother – but all day, two Sunday’s in a row. Nice work if you can get it, indeed! But we’re officially done now (sniff) and a cast will be announced this Saturday.

Next on the agenda – besides setting up rehearsals – will be contacting potential sponsors and sending out press releases (not to mention ticket sales). But back to sponsors, our sign sponsor BuildASign.com offered to send us these fantastic bumper stickers:

We passed some out at auditions (when we could remember that is). And we’ll bring them to the show as well.

That is one of ONLY THREE pictures I thought to take at auditions (typical). Here are the other two:

What – you don’t bring coordinating floral paper goods to your casting-related events?

No audition day is complete without a full table of snacks.
If in February-April, Cadbury Mini Eggs are a requirement.

So if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been for the past few weeks – this is it. I’m just a little bit distracted. But I really am going to try to get back to more regular posting soon. I promise! Definitely before May 6th…

8 thoughts on “Did You Know That I’m Producing a Show?

  1. Ann

    Scammed your way in PUHLEASE. You are so incredibly oragnized, efficient, and motivated you’re a DREAM producer.

    Thank you so much. I’m SO excited for Madison auditions Saturday!

  2. Leslie

    WOW. How exciting! And your blog readers can say “Oh, I know her!” and then mumble under our breath, “from a blog.” But we will feel very important!

    Truly, though, I bet those auditions made you laugh and cry. Mothers have quite the bucket of stories…

    Great work, and I’m sure the finished project will be AMAZING.

  3. heidi

    Yay!!! How very exciting for you!! I’m so excited for you! Can you tell by all the exclamation points?! Truly thrilled for you. Looking forward to hearing a lot more about it.

  4. Lady Mama

    Um. Wow? Wow! That is so awesome and completely amazing! And you’re finding time to do this with three kids… um… where? I can’t wait to hear about how it goes. And I’m betting those auditions must have been brilliant to watch.

  5. K A B L O O E Y

    Way to go, Kate! It’s inspiring to me that you can step up this way and take on something you haven’t done before. I’m sure you are acing it and the show will be fabulous, but I wanted to compliment you on your courage. Great example for your kids (and for li’l old play-it-safe me.)


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