Greatness by Association

Did you know that my brother is an artist?

Well he is. And he’s crazy talented – like “his work should be shown in important galleries” talented. And that’s not just the family love talking (okay .01% love – but the rest is strictly objective).

My parents’ shop participates in a Key West event called First Thursday (every first Thursday of the month, shops stay open later and serve refreshments to the patrons). And they always feature a special product or artist.

This month, Style Key West had a little art show for my brother! Here are some pictures my Dad took:

Don’t his paintings look great in the shop? I think they really work with those giant orange sea horses.

Seriously though – I can’t even imagine having that kind of talent… I’m a proud big sister.

Want to see more of Matt’s work? Check out his website.

And happy Valentines Day!

9 thoughts on “Greatness by Association

  1. Robin from Israel

    Those are wonderful, your brother’s got some serious talent. What a gift. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, I’m in awe of people who can turn a plain canvas into art with nothing but paints and brushes!

    Any chance your parents would like to adopt me? I’d love a spot in a gallery… ;)

  2. Leslie

    It’s not often that I see paintings that I want to reach out and touch. I don’t mean this to sound as silly as it might, because I’m serious, but his work effects a bunch of senses. WOW. You do have a very talented little bro, and have every right to be proud.

    My favorites are the series of four in the last photo. Thanks for sharing his work! My other browser tab is his website, can’t wait to look at it!

  3. Jo Coveny

    What a lovely tribute to your brother! Did you know he sold a $200 painting that night? And thanks to all of your blogger friends for their complimentary comments. You never stop taking pride in your children’s achievemnts. I certainly have a lot to be proud of between the two of you. You are my very best achievements in life.


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