Links I Love 11/29/11

Is it me or does anyone else feel like Christmas (or Winter Break for those who don’t do Christmas) went from being months away to being days away? Lots of deadlines suddenly looming and my “as soon as I get through Thanksgiving” schedule now puts me in the thick of crunch time.

If you share my mounting anxiety, here are some distractions:

“That” mom: a list of types (and I think I’m one of them)
More pictures of ’80s hair. I would post my own awkward tween pictures but I think I destroyed all of them in high school (true story). 
Good advice for making an old bathroom look 100% better before renovation is possible. 
SO intrigued by this camera that allows you to focus AFTER taking pictures. I want one! 
While I’ve never been captivated by poetry – this girl grabs me every time. Especially this one
Life has felt pretty heavy lately. Thank goodness for light and frivolous YouTube videos! This one always makes me smile.
I found this Thanksgiving perspective breathtaking.  
One of my favorite ladies, Scary Mommy helped over 400 families put a Thanksgiving dinner on their tables. 
I made this as a Thanksgiving dessert and it was fabulous!
And finally…pictures of Margaret’s Excellent Adventure at the AMAs!

4 thoughts on “Links I Love 11/29/11

  1. Mama Mary

    I love all of these links. The 80’s hair & the video? Too much! And that poem? Wow. Sounds like how I felt this week after being in Vegas for my husband’s 40th. : ) Also, totally gonna try that eggnog cake. Yum!


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