Links I Love 11/14/11

Here are some of my favorites from the past week:
Projects with paint chips.
Why the Muppets need to host the Oscars (via Minky Moo).
Tips for crafting with kids. #1 on my list would be don’t use anything involving the word “adhesive” – but this list is pretty good too.
I love brave writing like this and this.  
On craving motherhood (and a super fun chocolate party). 
Peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat! Alternatively titled “This will haunt your dreams.” I’m sorry – I can’t help it. It’s like that VHS tape from The Ring. It just has to be passed on…
I totally think Stimey can change the world. And I’m going to help her. What about you?
Thanksgiving dinner for everyone!
Be back tomorrow with a story from that chocolate party…

4 thoughts on “Links I Love 11/14/11

  1. Gwen

    Yeah, I’m a link you love! You’re a person I love. I think that makes us even :) Also, I really wish the Muppets were hosting the Oscars.


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