Links I Love 11/7/11

Still trying to get this new site fixed up…those blank pages are giving me the fish eye…

But in the meantime – here are some great reads (and stuff) from the past week!

Autistic speakers have so much to teach us.
The big sister everyone wishes they had (found via Issa on Twitter – we need to tweet our favorite links more often)
A husband’s Holiday Planning Guide.
When the school system can fail you (special needs kids are on a WIDE spectrum). Look for some great advice in the comments.
Best group Halloween costumes
I want one of these laptop skins! Which one would you pick?
In honor of the “holiday special.”
That’s it for now. Tune in next – dare I say it? – MONDAY for more links! (Now it will for sure be a Thursday…)

2 thoughts on “Links I Love 11/7/11

  1. Chrisy

    And this link loves YOU. Thanks, Kate! I’m heading to Palm Springs on Saturday with my husband. Wish you were coming so I’d have someone to dance with. :)


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