A Guest Post and Links AND Happy Halloween!

On Saturday, Varda of The Squashed Bologna (a.k.a. @squashedmom) asked me to contribute to her Special Needs Siblings Saturday (SNSS) feature. This was more than an honor, and let me tell you – if you ever do guest post for Varda, she will make you feel like a celebrity in her introduction. Talk about VIP treatment!

Please come visit me there and leave a comment so she knows I have friends. And click on the button below to see more SNSS posts.


Thanks so much Varda!

I also found a number of links to share this week. Hope you enjoy them:

In Support of Anna! (Have you written something? Let me know.)
Utilizing the Power of Social Media
Tweet for Margaret
For Jack: Will You Help Us #LiftMargaret? (Also on Chicago Now)
Online Community Rallies for a Girl Who Lost Brother

So I’m not the only one who thinks being sick in bed sounds kind of great…
Silence of the Lambs masks for kids!
We all have different parenting styles – so why sweat (judge) the small stuff?
Too funny: “faking anger” with your kids to make a point (and yes – I totally do this)
Feeling sentimental about mess – I should try this…
A great reminder to be as intrusive as you want about what your kids are doing online.
Want to feature a home project or decor job? Tips for taking better room “interiors” pictures for your blog.

FINALLY – it’s Halloween today. And in spite of Saturday’s snow and the current toe-numbing temperature outside, we are very excited!

Have a fabulous night of fake gore and Disney princesses!

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3 thoughts on “A Guest Post and Links AND Happy Halloween!

  1. Leslie

    Definitely trying to get the word out for Anna & Tim’s little Margaret. I love technology and think I know it all – except twitter. So, I’m trying. Desperately want to give them something, even small, that they can look forward to, like getting their little girl to see Justin Beiber.

    I enjoy your blog, glad I found it.

  2. heidi

    Hey, it’s changed here… I’m right, right?
    Look at you – writing all over the place! I’m so happy for you.
    Cute photo of the kids! Hope you had a great Halloween.

  3. K A B L O O E Y

    The new WordPress site looks lovely; I’ll be joining you here shortly (famous last words.) Your post over at Varda’s blog was insightful and wonderful, so I stumbled it. The kids remain adorable (but that’s hardly news), I’m completely tickled that you said I was “too funny” but hope someday someone will say I’m “too thin.” And I just read the news about Margaret and Anna, so YIPPEE!


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