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I’ve decided not to label these posts “Monday Links” anymore. First, because I so rarely get my act together and post them on Monday and second, because of the implication that I post them EVERY Monday. So let’s go with nebulous: Links I Love.

And here they are – some links from the past month:

Help this family show their grieving daughter that good things can still happen.

I need to start living this quote.

I wish more people blogged like this…I wish I did.

This is an old one – from August – but I still think about it every day…

A true commentary on how “authentic” we are with our children

What is your Mt. Everest?

One of the best Project Runway recaps ever.

Also love these (are you reading them?)

Heartbreaking story of not liking a much loved sibling

I’m in love with these cabanas!

When grownups need to act their age (two stories about “hurt feelings”):

Insightful and inspiring thoughts on the Autism community.

How to make sure your kids are bad sleepers.

If it’s possible for hair to have fun – this is what it looks like.

Expect more of these every once in a while – but not on a Monday. Or maybe on a Monday. Who knows? I certainly don’t.

5 thoughts on “Links I Love

  1. Stimey

    Dude, I don't even know what day it is. You could be all, "It's Thursday Link Day!" and I'd be all, "Awesome, it's almost Friday!"

    I think it *is* Monday today, right?

  2. anymommy

    I just want to give you a HUGE xoxoxo for all you've done in the last few weeks for Anna and for how you share what you love with others.

  3. Heidi

    Wow, Kate, you honor me again–thank you! The grieving for our non-average children happens in dribs and drabs and sometimes in big chunks. It means a lot to me that there is someone like you out there who feels what I feel and who "gets" it. Hugs!


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