Monday Links (and Happy Birthday America!)

Took a little break to restock on links. Here’s some favorites from the past couple of weeks:

Good advice on backing up your blog. Did anyone ever tell you that you should do that? (via Issa)

The social media equivalent of “blood brothers

Remember Fashion Plates?

Going to BlogHer ’11 in San Diego? Here are suggestions for “What’s the closest” to the conference hotel.

Yay for kids out of school!

Fab furniture makeover

This Fathers Day post (told you it’s been a couple of weeks…) made me laugh out loud

Hilarious He Said/She Said on having a third.

This is magical (not pretty – but so true it hurts)

Loving this “beach bag alternative

A beautiful story about names

Love this attempt to get inside a special needs (or any) child’s head

OF COURSE – a salute to America’s birthday

And we shall conclude with “What might have happened to Ophelia if only she had a Sassy Gay Friend

*Very sad side note: I was going to add a picture of our July 4th festivities (celebrated early at a neighborhood party yesterday) but my computer started projectile vomiting and my pictures file is now EMPTY. This would include every picture I’ve taken since January 1 – all of which I’ve been meaning to back up, but… I’m heartbroken…but hopeful that some computer geek – I mean STUD might be able to come to my rescue tomorrow. Fingers crossed…

2 thoughts on “Monday Links (and Happy Birthday America!)

  1. Jill

    LOVE your Monday links.

    TOTALLY despise that you lost your photos.

    Thinking good thoughts that you get them back. SOON!!!


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