Monday Links (on Tuesday)

Sorry – holiday weekends always throw me off…

Here are some recent favorites:

While I have very little experience with cruel commenters, I do admire those who so effectively give them the finger.

And then a 31 year old made me remember why I shouldn’t be worrying about my almost 40-year old wrinkles.

Ever need some color inspiration?

Soooo relating to this right now AND THIS (a never-ending battle…)

Have a box of colorful buttons lying around? Display them!

Some interesting thoughts on a retailer’s progressive product marketing. Is it enough?

I loved this on so many levels.

And yes – I totally took that picture. My neighbor’s hydrangea bush is about to bloom. I almost think I like it best like this.

7 thoughts on “Monday Links (on Tuesday)

  1. MommyTime

    Thank you for the shout out, and for the lovely comment. It always brightens my day to see you around.

    And this photo is completely lovely. Nicely done!


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