Needful Things: Jill Rosenwald Studio

How cute is this little lamp?

What about this tall one?

Or this one?

This would be great for holding keys by the front door (do you think anyone would get the Greek Key thing?)

Probably not. So I’d just tell them.

Also loving…

She also does monogrammed pieces!

And custom work. I could go on – but preschool pick up is in 20 minutes and I STILL need to write something for The Big Piece of Cake. And speaking of having too many blogs – new posts are up at Style Key West!

Check out Jill’s website HERE and her blog HERE. AND of course, the fab interview on Annechovie (where I discovered her work) HERE!

Happy Monday!

5/17/11 UPDATE: My friend just informed me that not only is she familiar with Jill’s work and owns several of her pieces, but that Jill will actually be in my area doing a show this weekend. Obviously – I’m going. I’ll be sure to take some pictures and report back!

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